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Industry branding series: branding insurance firms

Being an insurance company in today’s market isn’t easy. Those operating in one of the most highly regulated industries know all too well that buying insurance doesn’t usually excite the consumer. You don’t find people talking about choosing insurance providers in the same way they deliberate over buying a Google Pixel or iPhone X. Skepticism, indifference and distrust have traditionally been much more likely consumer attitudes towards insurance companies.

Insurance industry trends: 5 productivity tools your firm needs

According to Deloitte’s recent report “Insurance Industry Outlook”, 2018 and 2019 are set to be ‘banner years’ for insurers – with firms generally set to enjoy insurance industry trends of sustained growth, rising interest rates and higher investments. As early as 2020 however, the consultancy has also flagged concerns for economic slowdown and knock-on challenges for insurers industry-wide. Now more than ever, insurance firms need to be streamlining workflow and increasing productivity in their workforce.