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Templafy is the smart way to create professional, on-brand documents in an instant and streamline workflows across Office 365, Google Drive or any other of your preferred office productivity suites.

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"Templafy is the easy way to keep the whole company on brand"

"Template management system that helps marketers, branding experts and compliance teams to create brand-consistent files"

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Template Management As It Should Be

Automatically personalize business documents for every user, put an end to manual updates, and ensure brand consistence across the entire organization.

Change is constant in business, so even organisations with a good data structure to support their templates will regularly find that data outdated. A dynamic template management system like Templafy makes it easy to address change and roll out updates to the whole company instantly. Everything is handled through the intuitive Templafy interface and available online. The need for IT involvement is removed, and all templates, documents and content assets are accessible locally or through the cloud.

Office digital asset management

Features at a Glance

  • Automatically personalize business documents for every user, put an end to manual updates, and store all your templates and best practice content in one place for easy access.
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to all company templates – right within your preferred office suite – whether working from your phone or office desktop, and publish updates company-wide instantly.
  • Secure visual and legal compliance in all company content with the help of the Templafy BrandChecker, and access to only up-to-date templates.
  • Control in detail who has access to which content by assigning permission levels to individual users, teams or entire departments.
  • Easily find and access brand assets like logos, images and videos from within your office software, and increase the use of any existing DAM systems.
  • Save time when creating or editing files and eliminate manual and repetitive work with task panes that feed you best practice and regularly used content.