Add-ins and integrations

Boost the way you work and increase use of the systems you already own.

Templafy works with the office applications and workflow systems you’re already using – and feeds you everything you need to be on-brand, compliant and professional within them – so no habit changes are needed to get you working way better.

Connect all the tools that help you work smart, save huge amounts of time when creating files and emails, and improve professional interactions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations

Build quotes and other sales content faster, and ensure smoother and quicker customer experiences.

Closing deals faster, with minimum hassle, is the main goal for any sales person. But this objective can often be hampered by frustrating work processes, repetitive tasks, and seemingly frequent changes to the approved company assets.

Templafy integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft CRM, as well as your office applications, for faster workflows and better customer interactions. Easily connect the sales data from your CRM system to your preferred office suite, to automatically create professional and compliant sales content – quotes, emails, and the like. With Templafy, you can boost the capabilities of existing CRM systems and improve company workflows in one go.


Office and Digital Asset Management (DAM) integrations

Office digital asset management

Connect your existing office and DAM software to help users work smarter and improve adoption of all workflow systems.

Templafy integrates with the office software used by companies every day, to help employees create professional, on-brand content faster. We offer integrations and add-ins for the following office and DAM software:

– Microsoft Office– SharePoint Online
– OneDrive for Business– Google Drive
– Dropbox– Box
– Skyfish– Colourbox

To read more about how Templafy improves office software performance head here. To learn about how Digital Asset Management integrations boost the use of brand assets, head here.