Administration, authentication and security

Control access to business templates and protect your company content.

Templafy improves security around business content while also supporting an enhanced user experience. With processes automated and a simple interface for ongoing template updates, IT teams can focus on more complex tasks.

Simplify administration of templates, improve access control, and take advantage of leading security options.

Administration website

Massively reduce time spent maintaining and updating content and remove the need for IT involvement in template changes.

Templafy is maintained and administered in one simple, intuitive web interface, requiring only the most basic technical skills and knowledge to manage templates and corporate assets. IT support is no longer needed every time a content update is required, freeing up their time for more complex tasks.

Changes of any scale are centrally managed and rolled out company-wide, or to specific users only, instantly. Large projects like company rebrands can be launched internally in one go, as can small but important disclaimer changes on legal contracts.


User role management


Control in detail who has access to which content by assigning permission levels to individual users, teams or entire departments.

Determine who should have access to which content by filtering access to templates and assets according to user profiles. IT teams don’t need to manage users, and any user can be assigned admin permissions once they gain access by an existing admin. Meanwhile, employees will only see and have access to content that’s relevant for them, reducing the risk of confidential or sensitive information being shared, while saving users time.

For companies with offices in several locations, multiple brands, or mobile and freelance users, access control becomes even more important.

Single Sign-On

Authenticate users via your preferred service for increased security and decreased IT workload. Single Sign-On (SSO) prevents unauthorized access to your company content and reduces the number of passwords users need to remember. Read more about authentication and user federation here. Templafy supports most authentication services, including:




ADFS (WS-Federation/SAML2)


Open ID Connect

Regional data center

Choose to store your data in your preferred region for improved performance and maximum security.

Keep your data close or choose to have it stored in a specific data center, for better performance and better access. Templafy servers are hosted in multiple continents to provide our customers with greater flexibility. Read more about regional data center options here.