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5 key tips for creating sales presentations

Is there a new client you really need to impress? Sometimes the hardest part isn’t getting your foot in the door, or even maintaining their attention after that. Often, when it comes to landing effective sales, the real challenge is the sales presentation. You may know you have the product that they need, but communicating this effectively can be challenging.

Webinar: Why the future of document automation matters for your organization

Did you know that one small human error in a presentation can cost a company millions of dollars, yet there is an easy way to prevent these errors? Or that a global organization can be using over 9000 unique document templates where just 25 could do the trick? Or that employees can create client deliverables and proposals in a faster and simpler way through smart automation of client and industry specific content?

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As Jean-Marc Chanoine stated in “7 essential tips for mastering PowerPoint as a consultant”, professional services firms, and especially management consultancies, are heavy users of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint – every interview, meeting, data analysis and research piece they conduct is turned into an insight, and converted into a presentation, proposal or report.

7 essential tips for mastering PowerPoint as a consultant

Management consultants are heavy users of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint – every interview, meeting, data analysis and research piece is turned into an insight, and converted into a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet. The client expects to receive findings in a nutshell, clearly structured and presented for easy understanding. The million-dollar question is how to become quicker and better at using these tools, without compromising quality.

Does your enterprise have a document control checklist?

The acceleration of the Internet of Things is staggering. As of the beginning of 2020, the digital universe consisted of 44 zettabytes of data. For context – that number of bytes is 40 times more than the number of stars that can be observed in the entire universe. The speed and volume of today’s data and a generation of content producers has fundamentally impacted the modern workplace. As employees ditch the physical world for digital, they’re creating an ever-rising number of online documents – from sales presentations to invoices, standard contracts to finance reports, press releases to blog articles.

Digital workplace management in 2020: how to choose the right tools

Technology that supports digital workplaces is improving daily. Since 2013, on-premise collaboration products in the workplace have steadily declined, while hosted and cloud solutions have seen a 16% year-on-year growth since 2009, according to Synergy’s research on megatrends. These technologies include communication platforms, teamwork apps, unified communications as a service, content creation systems and cloud file sharing apps.

5 online template resources for accounting and bookkeeping

When managing your organization’s or department’s finances and budgeting, it’s essential to have a good, reliable and easy bookkeeping system that can help you in your everyday accounting tasks. There are many templates available online to suit this exact purpose, meaning it’s never been easier to ensure you’re making your finance tasks as simple as possible.

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