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Watch our new crash course: Productivity 2.0

As Jean-Marc Chanoine stated in “7 essential tips for mastering PowerPoint as a consultant”, professional services firms, and especially management consultancies, are heavy users of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint – every interview, meeting, data analysis and research piece they conduct is turned into an insight, and converted into a presentation, proposal or report.

The first part of managing the document lifecycle: document creation

How many hours a week does your team spend creating documents? If recent statistics are anything to go by, we’re guessing it’s a lot. According to a new study by Forrester employees spend an average of 16 hours per week creating documents, presentations and other content within the Microsoft Office software suite – with Office placing annual document creation at a staggering 50 billion. And that’s just documents created using Office.

6 things the best sales presentations have in common

Crafting a killer presentation is a skill that can make or break a business. Imagine Eduardo Saverin had tanked his 2004 pitch for “thefacebook.com” or the Uber team had bored their audience to tears with the startup’s 2008 investment presentation? The world we live in (as well as Zuckerberg’s bank balance) would look very different.

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