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The Document Management Process in the Age of Cloud

The rapid evolution of technology has led to dramatic changes in the way people work. One thing that’s never changed, however, is that documents are the lifeblood of any business. Whether it’s correspondence, financials, reports, marketing content, customer data or something else entirely, all that information amounts to your most valuable asset of all. It stands to reason that you need a safe, yet easily accessible place, to keep everything. Enter the age of document management in the cloud.

5 stats about using Word and PowerPoint at legal and financial firms

If you work in a financial or legal firm, you’ve almost definitely used Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint. In fact, there’s a 90% chance that you use Word at least once every day. But what is the average overall program usage of each profession and employee position? And how do people rate their experiences and productivity in these Office applications?

A Roadmap to Office 365 Productivity and Savings Benefits

Since its introduction in 2011, Microsoft Office 365 has emerged as a leading cloud-based solution for equipping employees with anytime, anywhere access to a full set of productivity tools. But how exactly will your organization benefit from the Office 365 productivity suite in terms of increased business performance? Less unnecessary travel? Reduced IT costs?

What is contract lifecycle management?

We all can relate to real life examples of “unwritten covenants” – you know, those responsibilities that friends and family place on you without you knowing if you ever agreed to it, like making a salad for a friend’s dinner party or babysitting your niece or nephew when your sibling decides they want to live a little. We don’t necessarily agree to these things, but they happen anyway and it’s understood that they need to happen to maintain a happy relationship.

Behind the orange icon: the history of PowerPoint

Last year PowerPoint celebrated its big 3 0. At thirty years old, the software superpower had a lot to celebrate. PowerPoint still stands as the most valuable Microsoft acquisition to date, is currently installed on over a billion computers worldwide and is responsible for the creation of up to 30 million presentations each day.

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Welcome to Part One of our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) series. We know that there’s a lot of jargon out there with enterprise software so we thought we’d spend the first part of this series describing exactly what is meant by “enterprise content management”.

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