Exciting news! Templafy is now available in the Microsoft Office App Store.

This launch is a massive step towards providing our clients with even better options for multi-device and multi-platform use of the Templafy services.

Essentially this means that the Templafy task pane can now be installed directly from Word/PowerPoint on a Mac, in Office Online and on PC via the Office Store.

To try out the Templafy web add-ins:

1. Please find the “Store” icon in the PPT/Word ribbon

2. Search for "Templafy"

3. Install the Templafy Add-in

4. Log in via the task pane using your email address

The start of something great – there's more to come

Currently the features in the new web add-in series lets users find and insert images stored in Templafy and/or any of our DAM integrations in PowerPoint and Word. For Word users can also insert text elements.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll gradually add more Templafy functionality to the add-ins – e.g. the ability to load templates in Word and find/download slides from slide library in PowerPoint.

However, there is still a long way to go to reach the feature stack of our current VSTO add-ins for PC.

The reason for the “long way” is that the Microsoft web add-in technology still does not support the full range of Tempalfy functionality. For example, the technology currently doesn’t support loading a PPT presentation from the task pane or inserting a slide from the slide library directly in an active presentation like we’re able to in our VSTO add-ins for Windows.

We’re collaborating with the MS product teams to improve the technology and we constantly see progress.

We’ll keep you posted!