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Law firm technology trends: what will 2018 bring?

2017 was the year ‘law got tech’. Historic structures were revolutionized by a more open attitude to legal technology, firms prospered from the introduction of more sophisticated platforms and cloud migration finally started to catch on. With last year’s solid groundwork laid for industry disruption, 2018 with impending data regulations, heightened competition and developments in […]

2018 Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap

Enterprise digital transformation is a strong contender for ‘buzzword of 2018’. While there’s no doubt of its value and importance for businesses of all sizes (the digital transformation market is predicted to reach a staggering $431.71billion by 2021), the term itself is often overused and misunderstood. We unpack the question ‘what is enterprise digital transformation?’, […]

Public institutions should ask these four key questions about their document and template management

Key takeaways: • Cloud-based file storage is a secure way to back up files and digital assets • A centralized document management system ensures approved users can access documents anytime, from anywhere • Digital asset management for public institutions can help ensure that all documents are up-to-date and consistent in terms of images, fonts and […]

Behind the orange icon: the history of PowerPoint

Last year PowerPoint celebrated its big 3 0. At thirty years old, the software superpower had a lot to celebrate. PowerPoint still stands as the most valuable Microsoft acquisition to date, is currently installed on over a billion computers worldwide and is responsible for the creation of up to 30 million presentations each day. Read […]