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What is digital brand management?

Let’s take a look at digital brand management, how to do it and why it’s so important to your business.

Corporate typeface: why bespoke is better for business

In January, Coca Cola followed in the footsteps of AirBnB, Nokia, General Electric, Intel and BMW, to become the latest global brand to launch its own custom corporate typeface. Revealing TCCC Unity via his personal Instagram profile, Coca-Cola’s vice president of global design, James Sommerville excitedly described how the new corporate identity typeface

Designing For Success: 4 Elements of Corporate Identity

What drives success in business? According to recent PWC research published by PwC’s Strategy&, one answer lies with strong corporate identity. In the survey of 720 executives, companies that were seen as having a stronger identity outperformed others by 25%. They did so “by knowing themselves well and leveraging their distinctive strengths to build a clear identity, […]

What is corporate identity? Answers from 3 leading brands.

When it comes to brand terminology, how clued up are you on your definitions? Does it really matter if you can’t differentiate between corporate identity and brand image, or if you struggle to clarify your brand’s positioning from its differentiation?

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Welcome to Part One of our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) series. We know that there’s a lot of jargon out there with enterprise software so we thought we’d spend the first part of this series describing exactly what is meant by “enterprise content management”. Read more about Tempalfy Enterprise Content Management Software

Content marketing hack: why marketing asset management is your key 2018 investment

‘Content marketing’ has been a go-to business buzzword since first bandied about in 2001. A deliberately broad term, “content” is the catchall for downloadable, searchable and consumed marketing outputs used to attract and retain customers. Learn how Templafy can help you with brand compliance and validation. Almost two decades later, the world of content marketing is […]

Enterprise Content Management tools – ECM series article # 3

If the majority of your day is spent organizing records, then it is time to implement enterprise content management tools. The less time you waste organizing files, and the more time you spend on fulfilling the activities of your actual job description – the better.

4 of the worst things about being a Brand Manager

  With companies investing an estimated $500 billion globally each year on brand marketing, the role of a Brand Manager aka ‘the brand guardian’, is no small feat. The days of constructing a brand’s identity through one-way advertising has increasingly given way to the online minefield of social media; leading to an era of “open […]