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Behind the orange icon: the history of PowerPoint

Last year PowerPoint celebrated its big 3 0. At thirty years old, the software superpower had a lot to celebrate. PowerPoint still stands as the most valuable Microsoft acquisition to date, is currently installed on over a billion computers worldwide and is responsible for the creation of up to 30 million presentations each day. Read […]

What is Office 2019? Everything you need to know for now

Most CTOs and heads of enterprise technology groan when colleagues ask if Office can be upgraded. Why make the costly effort of overhauling an existing application suite? Even if it seems less stressful to pass over the opportunity to upgrade Office, you should still take a look at what Microsoft Office 2019 is going to […]

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Welcome to Part One of our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) series. We know that there’s a lot of jargon out there with enterprise software so we thought we’d spend the first part of this series describing exactly what is meant by “enterprise content management”. Read more about Tempalfy Enterprise Content Management Software

Enterprise Content Management tools – ECM series article # 3

If the majority of your day is spent organizing records, then it is time to implement enterprise content management tools. The less time you waste organizing files, and the more time you spend on fulfilling the activities of your actual job description – the better.