Inside Templafy

We love improving the way businesses work with documents, presentations and emails all over the world.

Our Story

Templafy is one of the fastest growing IT companies in Scandinavia and we're already changing the way large enterprises work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. Templafy counts prominent global enterprises as customers, many with over 20,000 employees world-wide and we continue to expand into new markets.

Templafy founding partners, Christian Lund and Henrik Printzlau, spent over 15 years optimizing business document templates in Microsoft Office applications, together with co-founders Jeppe Schytte-Hansen, Morten Hald Mortensen and Jakob Bjersing.

Recognizing the growing number of enterprises migrating their office applications to the cloud, and the growing number of employees working remotely and on different devices, they created a cloud solution to solve “Document Anarchy”.

Templafy solves a problem you can probably relate to – it’s what we call “Document Anarchy”. Every day employees produce thousands of business documents, presentations and emails but they don’t always use the latest company standards or approved content. This leads to brand devaluation, legal non-compliance and decreased productivity across your company.

Luckily Templafy solves Document Anarchy: it gives employees access to all their approved company document templates and digital assets right within Microsoft Office applications and streamlines their document creation workflows.

Your company’s document templates and content is easily updated and managed by your branding and compliance teams on a simple administration platform. After all, managing the brand and legal matters is not an IT function but it does require some fantastic IT solutions.

People and technology are the core of Templafy, the drivers of our success so far, and what we continue to invest in. Our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark is full of lovely, brilliant beings and we’re backed by leading investors, Sunstone Capital and SEED Capital.

We’re continually growing and currently have an international team hailing from over 17 different countries. Shoot us an email if solving Document Anarchy sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, or follow our blog to learn more about what matters to us.

Our Culture


Keeping it simple, but smart.

Developing software with a focus on the user – on what will be the easiest and most efficient experience for them – is what makes our solution so powerful. And it’s a philosophy we carry over to all parts of our business. We don’t talk in jargon and we may not wear suits, but we’re confident where it counts.

employee benefits

Making room for everyone.

We’re big believers in diversity and flexibility. Understanding and support is fundamental to our operations, from our hiring practices and how we run our own business, to the adaptability we offer our clients. We credit our eagerness to collaborate as one of the keys to our success.

Honest and secure

Honest and secure. And serious about it.

There’s no messing about with this one – ensuring our clients trust us and our product is crucial. We always aim to build strong and transparent relationships that demonstrate our commitment to security. Our system doesn’t store any company documents or proprietary data, just templates, and mitigating risk is always a priority.

Big thinking

Big thinking.

Big doesn’t have to be difficult, and it shouldn’t mean impersonal either. We’ve solved the problem of document anarchy and we want to make sure the companies who need it most – the multi-national, multi-language, multi-brand and multi-legals – know about it. We thrive on that challenge and enjoy working at the highest levels, but we never get ahead of ourselves or forget that it all boils down to people and personal needs. That’s why we help the smaller companies too.

Our Executive Team

Jesper Theill Eriksen


Jesper has been part of Templafy since 2014. First as board chairman, then as an investor and now as the CEO. His main focus is building a strategy, systems, team and company culture to always deliver the best possible product to our customers. Jesper used to run big and complex B2C and B2B organizations in the European telco industry, so he knows a thing or two about this stuff.


Christian Lund

CPO, founder

Christian LundAs a founding partner of Templafy and formerly one of the key cogs at SkabelonDesign, Christian steers the Templafy ship and keeps us all moving in the right direction. He’s an experienced and generous captain, with very clear and ambitious goals, and with a particular knack for putting together a cracking – sometimes unlikely – crew. Low-key and no-fuss, just don’t let him charm you into an arm wrestle – he’s never lost one. Yet.


Henrik Printzlau

CTO, founder

Henrik_PrintzlauHenrik is Templafy’s visionary creator, the office oracle, and of course our talented CTO. He has an innate ability to create things that haven’t been imagined before, coupled with a sound understanding of business strategy and, most importantly, an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Copenhagen kebab scene. When he’s not immersed in tech innovation you can find him running around the city’s playgrounds, playing tag with his two young boys and their friends.


Jakob Ekkelund


Jakob_EkkelundJakob is our mathematics master, perpetually crunching numbers to evaluate how the Templafy office operates and determining our growth game plan. Previously the Head of Strategy for Consumer Brands at TDC – Denmark’s largest telco company – and later lured away by the world of venture capital, Jakob sat on Templafy’s own board of investors before jumping ship to be part of the daily action. A somewhat atypical move, although as a certified bungy jump instructor, he’s certainly no stranger to taking leaps of faith.

Rasmus Hedelund Jensen


Rasmus is our commercial opportunity builder. He’s the guy that looks at the world map and figures out where Templafy should move the business next and secures that it happens by connecting to potential partners to build synergies. Rasmus has a background as director of sales from Denmark’s largest telco and as a commercial director from a fast growing Danish start-up. Competitive at mind, when he’s not thinking about what business to do next, Rasmus challenges his two sons in building the biggest LEGO setup or himself in running the same old distance faster.


You’re great. But with us, you could be better.

We usually partner with three kinds of agencies: design experts, MS Office and SharePoint consultants, and template implementation advisors.

Design Experts

You’ve got visual identity covered, but with us, you could extend your reach, help prove ROI, and stop worrying about implementation. Templafy makes it much easier to manage identity roll-outs on the important basics – office templates and business documents.

You provide the design, and we make sure people actually use it, in the right way and with the most updated version.

You focus on the strategic and creative aspects, and we take care of implementing your work on Office, Google Drive, or other client apps and devices.

Using Templafy allows you to continuously refine and add new content. If you know the platform, chances are you’ll be the one doing those updates.

MS Office and SharePoint Consultants

Enterprises are gradually moving their office platforms to the cloud and you’re the one to help them do it. With us, you can deliver an even better result for your clients, remove bottlenecks in the process, and improve ROI for both you and the company.

Bring clients the better offer, one that assists their transition and ensures they not only keep their template management solution, but improve on it. Supported in Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and Office Online.

A lack of substitute services in Office 365 can postpone or kill migration projects. We remove that barrier and speed up the presales and migration process.

Working with the best software in the market means projects are fast, reliable and safe, with less effort required.

Template Implementation Advisors

Building the best possible Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates for brands updating their visual identity is your niche. Our sophisticated technology helps boost that expertise by making your processes easier, clients happier, and revenue even greater.

Upgrade your product suite to Office 365, Office Online, Google Apps, and cloud management support.

Focus on what you’re best at, while we take care of the ongoing software development and integration across all devices and platforms.

Own the project roll-out as well as the ongoing administration and management, and deliver a sharper solution to boot.