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How Etex made multi-brand complexity simple

  • Industry: Building materials
  • Location: 101 global offices
  • Number of employees: 13,000+
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About Etex  

Etex is a global industrial company. They inspire the world to build safe, sustainable, smart, and beautiful living spaces with a wide spectrum of lightweight solutions. Their products range from innovative modular systems to leading fibre, cement, and plasterboard systems, applications for cladding, façade, roofing, and terraces to high-performance fire protection and insulation for construction and OEM applications. As a global company, Etex promotes inspiring ways of living in a variety of situations across the globe

Etex operates in more than 40 countries around the world and comprises of many local commercial brands. Each commercial brand has its own market strengths, however, the international nature of the company meant that templates were developed, adapted, and used differently in different locations. In most cases employees used old versions of documents and/or Google to find a logo.   

Etex were actively searching to manage their brand from a better and more efficient perspective. When they relaunched their corporate brand, they chose to use this opportunity to ensure updated templates and assets were stored and distributed more efficiently, with the aim of empowering all users and commercial brands. 

Etex solution  

Etex implemented Templafy as a solution that could meet the intrinsic complexity of its international organization – providing easy access to content across countries, languages, and brands. Ensuring accessibility through a cloud-based system makes it easy for employees to access the correctly branded content for their needs; they no longer need to contact marketing teams to find where a template is located, as they know they can find it in Templafy’s user-friendly platform.   

Commercial content such as full presentations, slides, logos, and images are now distributed through Templafy, rather than on local servers or Sharepoint / Teams sites. As a result, each commercial brand team can focus on highlighting their strengths in the content they create, while trusting that the corporate identity is clearly visible. Where templates were previously issued in limited languages, they are now easily available in multiple languages. Templafy is a centrally managed tool which also adapts to local needs, making it the ideal solution to aid the house of brands complexity that Etex faced. 

With over 125 global sites and different commercial brands, Etex has 450 different versions of the same global email signature. Previously, employees adapted their own centrally shared signatures within Outlook as there was no way of distributing consistent versions.  

Implementing Templafy’s Email Signature Manager has provided all employees with a custom-made, on-brand email signature that adapts to the chosen location and commercial brand. Etex were able to rapidly roll out their new corporate signature in a simple, easy-to-use tool.  

Etex also uses email signature banners for targeted promotional campaigns in different countries and regions - the central distribution enables rapid deployment without users having to personally implement them. Moving offices and updating all signatures is now a small database update, where users have a refreshed signature when they login the next morning.

Powerpoint slide Etex group

Etex has seen an extremely positive response to Templafy, with employees requesting more content is stored on it. Content is not limited to document creation purposes either, as Etex shares its new corporate presentation through the platform to all users. Corporate movies and animations are shared through assets enabling all users to create professional presentations with the latest content. Etex continuously explores new types of branded content to distribute through Templafy, and employees are using these to enhance brand identity across a wide variety of touchpoints.   

Seeing the quarterly adoption and usage figures of Templafy, I wonder how we even managed this before.

Malcolm Stamper
Malcolm Stamper
Corporate Brand Coordinator, Etex

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