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How MT Højgaard secures brand consistency worldwide

  • Industry: Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Location: 7 countries
  • Number of employees: 4,200
About MT Højgaard

MT Højgaard’s brand priorities

MT Højgaard has been a leading construction and civil engineering company for the last 100 years. Key components of their toolbox are advanced technology, digital tools and new ways of working together, constantly gaining new knowledge. While their goal remains fixed: to create space for people as effectively and transparently as possible. With several iconic projects in its portfolio, including Copenhagen’s Royal Library, MT Højgaard prides itself on creating spaces where people can easily live, work and move.

With around 100 projects happening globally at any given time, it is essential MT Højgaard maintains a consistent brand identity. However, it became increasingly difficult to monitor the documents and presentations the company produced. MT Højgaard is under a parent company, MTH GROUP, and managing both brands throughout company content was extremely difficult with their on-premise template management system.

Branding and Design Manager at MT Højgaard, Henrik Hommelgaard, recalls, “Our previous on-premise system worked fine but simply did not meet our needs for accessing templates online and managing two brands. We needed a cloud-based solution.”


How MT Højgaard optimized their brand

MT Højgaard found that a cloud-based software would be the correct solution to help their employees to create documents and presentations that were always on-brand. Using Templafy’s cloud-based platform, employees got easy and intuitive access to up-to-date and compliant templates and digital assets, no matter where they were working.

Templafy also integrated seamlessly with MT Højgaard’s Digital Asset Management system, Skyfish. Now, all on-brand images stored with Skyfish are available to MT Højgaard employees inside Office applications, such as Word and PowerPoint. The integration meant that the company was maximizing the use of their existing DAM system.

For the Branding department, it is now much easier to manage templates that are consistent with both MT Højgaard’s brand and the MTH GROUP parent brand. Moving to a cloud solution gave MT Højgaard the ability to provide an increased number of on-brand digital assets to employees and update them instantly in response to business needs.

No employee wants to break the brand rules on purpose, but if it’s too difficult to stay on-brand that’s exactly what happens. Now that MT Højgaard has Templafy, employees are constantly experiencing more and better opportunities to use and work with the brand.Using Templafy has greatly increased the possibilities for our company content and led to much less off-brand material being created by employees.

Henrik Hommelgaard
Branding and Design Manager, MT Højgaard

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