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How SEB provides employees with access to content and documents

  • Industry: Banking and Finance
  • Location: 22 countries
  • Number of employees: 15,000
About SEB Bank

SEB’s accessibility priorities

SEB is a Swedish financial group, which offers banking and insurance services, including home market corporate banking and services for financial institution clients. Their services are offered worldwide, with financial centers in New York, London and Asia, allowing global financial leaders the opportunity to invest in Nordic assets. SEB work with 4.4. million customers, and are passionate about enabling entrepreneurs and innovative companies to create a better world.

SEB were facing difficulties as employees from global locations needed to access the latest on-brand document and presentation templates. Difficulties in this meant off-brand documents were being created, which cost a lot of time to review and correct.


How SEB provide accessibility

SEB implemented a template management solution providing easy access to the latest on-brand document and presentation templates and digital assets. All employees can access these right where they work, making it easy for them to use the latest company templates to create content. Alongside this, dynamic features mean that documents created by SEB employees are automatically personalized with specific company and employee data, saving further time. ss to all assets for all employees.

SEB have also benefitted from an extra level of control over updates to templates and other assets, such as slides. Brand managers can immediately roll these out without needing to involve IT, making it a much quicker and easier process. This level of control has also been beneficial for raising brand identity awareness within SEB employees. Removing the need for brand managers to spend so much time structuring and organizating content means that they can instead simply focus on creating it.

Colleagues have written to me that they like Templafy very much. They can easily find images and complete layouts that help make great presentations and documents. Templafy has turned into a standard tool for our staff because it solves many problems and is straightforward to use.

Lars Emanuelson
Visual Communicator, Investor Relations, SEB

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