Digitally transform your document, presentation and email creation

With Templafy, you can smoothly transition your organization's templates and digital assets to the cloud and empower every user to quickly create on-brand and compliant work

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Document and email creation is a core business function of most enterprises.

Don’t get caught out with an obsolete on-premise template and digital asset system.


of workers use
MS Word daily



of workers use
MS PowerPoint daily



of workers use document
and presentations templates


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Templafy is the enterprise solution for template management and document creation in the cloud

Templafy is an Enterprise Solution with a dedicated focus on security, availability and scalability both in our technology and our operations.

Templafy easily integrates with your IT ecosystem

Templafy is a cloud-based template management system that integrates into Microsoft Office 2010-2016, Office 365 Pro Plus with 2013 and 2016 Apps, SharePoint Online for Office 365 and Google Drive. Templafy can be configured and customized to meet the needs of any enterprise organization in the world.

Templafy has a rich set of features to help users easily generate new documents that are up to date with compliant visual Identity, corporate data, user data, legal information and shared content.


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Stay ahead of the digital curve

Templafy's technology is future-proof, scalable and secure

  • Templafy is an enterprise solution with a dedicated focus on security, availability, and scalability both in our technology and our operations.
  • Direct Integrations with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint and more.
  • Platform Independent user access via Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Single Sign-on using Azure AD, ADFS, Saml2, WS-Federation and Ping Federate.
  • Runs on Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service and observes the inherited benefits of the certifications and security measures of Azure.
  • Active Directory integration and content filtering based on AD group membership.
  • Multiple customer staging environments Test, Pre-production, UAT, Production etc.
  • Data Loss Prevention capabilities for Office 365 Exchange.

“It’s my responsibility to make sure we have an enterprise-grade solution that is built and supported by an expert team. This means being secure, available, scalable and being able to integrate smoothly into our customers’ IT infrastructure and systems.”



Henrik Printzlau,
Cofounder and CISO of Templafy

Digital transformation & cloud migration

We meet you where you are, prepared for where you’re going
because we know digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

Digital transformation strategy

• Templafy introduces worker-centric solution which leverages the existing IT architecture and your current ECM system.

• Templafy is designed to support cloud migration strategies. Our cloud-born software supports hybrid-cloud solutions and is ready to help transition your business into the future.

• Enterprises can integrate all central systems needed in business document creation and leverage them throughout the document creation process.

Office 365 cloud migration

Strong integration with Office 365 allows enterprises to secure their document template and document asset distribution centrally after migration. Templafy understands the needs of large organizations and integrates with on-premise solutions to support the cloud migration process from beginning to end.

Read how Templafy helped The Capital Region of Denmark migrate to the cloud and centralize their template management system:

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Templafy's key benefits at a glance

Minimize tech support


  • Easy integration into your IT
    infrastructure means very little
    tech support on your side.
  • Our solution is intuitively
    designed to become secondnature
    for end-users with little to
    no training required.
  • Non-IT functions administer
    content updates through our
    simple administration platform.
  • We have an extensive Help Site
    and dedicated support.


Scalability and centralization


  • Templafy offers one centralized
    administration platform for
    deploying and updating all
    document templates and
    digital assets across all your
    different business departments
    and office locations.
  • We’ve already rolled out our
    solution to 100,000s of users all
    over the world.
  • We have autoscaling enabled
    with Microsoft Azure PaaS.




  • Templafy is built for continuity
    in all aspects of development,
    deployment and Azure
  • We have a long history of overperforming
    on our 99.9% SLA.
  • We are set up with Azure
    Platform-as-a-Service with
    Redundant Data Centers in
    Dublin and Amsterdam.
  • Traffic is automatically
    redirected to Amsterdam
    should Dublin fail.


Enterprise-grade security with Azure


  • Templafy runs on Microsoft
    Azure Platform-as-a-Service
  • We have a rigid focus on
    security and resource
    consumption in all processes.
  • We offer ongoing transparency
    of performance and joint
  • Penetration tests are
    performed twice yearly by
    external security firms.


Automatic user provisioning


  • Our automatic user
    provisioning minimizes
    administration. The first time we
    see a user, we create a user in
    the system and give them a
  • Our licenses are unnamed and
    are freely assigned, created
    and transferred among users.
  • This minimizes the
    administration and set up
    burdens for you.


Transition smoothly


  • At its core, Templafy is a cloud
    solution designed to be secure,
    scalable and future-proof for
    large enterprises.
  • While this is our primary focus,
    Templafy is a cloud-based
    solution that can work offline
  • We can tap into your existing
    infrastructure to support your
    legacy system and make your
    cloud transition that much


Seamless integrations


  • MS Office, Office 365, DMS and
    DAM already supported.
  • Integrates into other systems
    that your business uses – e.g.
    SharePoint, Salesforce, Bynder,
    iManage, etc.
  • Custom integrations are
    evaluated as requested.
  • Ability to integrate into other
    infrastructures via
    authentication and


Supports multiple devices


  • Templafy is device and
    platform independent.
  • Templafy works on PC, Mac,
    tablets and smartphones.
  • Seamless add-ins for Microsoft
    Office applications.
  • Offline access for a mobile
    workforce – ability to access
    templates offline when working
    remotely or travelling.




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Our implementation process

We’ve successfully rolled out our solution to hundreds of companies already. Our delivery team and implementation partners work with you to ensure you have the smoothest transition possible and that your document templates and digital assets work optimally for all users.

This is what Templafy’s typical implementation process looks like and it can be completed in as little as a few weeks, depending on your organization’s needs:


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What else can Templafy do?

Centralized brand-governance in every single email




Templafy can centrally manage and deploy email signature designs throughout your organization.

Designed for enterprise-level security – Your emails don’t leave your security walls unnecessarily. Signatures are added without emails being sent to third-party servers.

Compliance automation – Ensure up-to-date and jurisdiction specific legal disclaimers appear in every email signature.

Campaign management – Launch marketing campaigns in email signatures for certain groups or across the entire organization.

Automatic formatting – Govern the use of fonts and formatting in every single email.

Simple administration – Easy update and deploy email signatures, campaigns and disclaimers online.

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