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Templafy consists of a cloud driven admin platform that supports storage, distribution and access control of business templates, document assets and company data.

Since Templafy runs in the cloud, we guarantee a solution that supports your current system and is prepared to support your digital transformation strategy.

Secure and straightforward Templafy is distributed using a standard MSI package.

Immediate access and compliance

Templafy optimizes your digital transformation initiatives by automating document governance, ensuring company compliance and giving users immediate access to company templates, along with validated document content within Microsoft Office.

All this occurs through our sleek central platform, which is built into the Microsoft applications, such as Office 365 that your organization uses the most.

Productivity, compliance and system integration

Experience increased productivity, combined with centralized control and oversight. Unleash the power of Office 365 and other cloud infrastructure in your organization!

Find out more about productivity and optimization by downloading our template management guide.


Templafy enhances your IT ecosystem and is built on, and integrated with Microsoft Azure standards.
Security is the foundation of every aspect of what we do and build, so Templafy integrates MS Office 365, MS OneDrive, MS SharePoint, Document Management Systems (DMS) such as iManage and DAM Systems such as Bynder. We support SSO, so you can use Templafy everywhere, on all of your devices.

A whole new world

Templafy provides data insights on the most used and created documents in your organization, and provides users the opportunity to build documents with the custom library of compliant and validated document assets.

As a Templafy partner, easy roll out of the platform to our clients is imperative. So every time we roll out to users in companies (ten-thousands or just hundreds employees), we know the expectations are high. We are delighted to always hear that Templafy is one of the easiest IT integrations that companies have, and from our side we were able to deliver on our promises of everything that Templafy can offer

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