Getting startedGetting

Templafy can keep you on-brand and compliant, and help users produce better work with less frustration. Get started with the solution in three main steps:

1. Approve

Sign up for a free customized trial to investigate your specific company needs and understand how the solution improves work processes company-wide.

2. Set up

Choose which approach better suits your business – a fast track package or custom build – and allow us to configure the solution.

3. Deploy

Launch Templafy to the company with strategic support from our Customer Success team, to help engage and train all users.

How do we help?How do
we help?

Maybe you already have all the templates you need and understand how they’re used. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch. No problem, we’re experts in the area and partner with other experts globally to help you along in many ways, no matter what stage you’re at. We can assist you with:

Word, PowerPoint and Excel template development and optimizations.

Google Drive, Keynote, Pages, Numbers template conversion.

Customer enablement (implementation planning, training users, optimizing existing usage, etc.)

Strategic workshops, process consulting, and knowledge sharing sessions to scope your needs.

Getting started with dynamic document templates is an investment that needs a good structure behind it. Get it right the first time and never worry about it again, saving everyone in the company a lot of time and hassle along the way.

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