Napp is now a part of Templafy

Joining forces to help customers track business document performance.

Developing a new way of working together

Templafy currently offers a very strong workflow in document creation, from easy access to the right materials to automation in document compilation to the finalization of a document. However, once a document is finalized, understanding how it performs is the next step to complete the document creation workflow. Adding Napp’s technology to our own will allow us to introduce this final step.

To find out more about this development, visit our blog.

Visit our blog

For existing Napp customers

All existing Napp customers will continue with the same contact person and terms they have signed up for. Click here to get answers to some of the most important questions following Napp joining forces with Templafy.

Read more and watch our video about how Templafy and Napp will work together to advance the document creation workflow here

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Read the official press release here.

Customer FAQ

Why is Templafy acquiring Napp?

Napp has created software that has powerful user engagement and tracking capabilities. Adding Napp to Templafy was a strategic decision to advance this area on our product roadmap. Templafy’s technology is designed to support employees in their business document creation workflow. Acquiring Napp completes the workflow by introducing the capability to follow the engagement with documents after they are delivered to end-recipients.

What will happen to Napp's existing customers?

Nothing will happen to Napp’s existing customers. They will keep their contact person and terms. Moving forward, Napp’s customers will benefit from a much stronger product, as Templafy and Napp combined will secure the full document lifecycle ownership.

What will happen with the Napp product?

The existing Napp product will continue to be supported for current Napp customers, but will not be offered to new customers following the acquisition. As fast as possible, the Napp technology will be introduced to both new and existing Templafy customers under the Templafy brand as a stand-alone product module supporting online sharing, online reading/commenting/annotation, and tracking and monitoring of end-recipient engagement.

What will happen to commercial agreements between Napp and their existing customers?

All current commercial agreements between Napp and existing customers will remain as they are. The Napp corporate entity will also exist in the future.

Who will be the contact person for existing Napp customers in Templafy?

The contact person for existing Napp customers will remain the same, as all employees from Napp will follow on into Templafy.

Where can I find more information about the acquisition?

Visit the Templafy blog to find articles on the Napp acquisition and our official press release detailing the acquisition of Napp by Templafy.

For further information, please contact your Napp account manager.