Custom designed features and powerful adjustment tools increase efficiency, take the pain out of repetitive tasks, and aid professional results when creating large presentations in PowerPoint.

Focus on the result, not the process

Features designed for productivity in PowerPoint

Reduce time spent fixing details and free up valuable work-hours to focus on the bigger picture

50+ ways
to save time in PowerPoint

A range of editing tools to align, stack, and unify content in PowerPoint presentations fast.

made easy

Build complex slides using intuitive features designed to make pro-formatting simple.

Link Excel data
directly to PowerPoint

Import Excel elements (tables, graphs etc.) directly into slides & keep them linked for instant updates.

Adjustment tools

50+ ways to save time
building complex slides

  • Align and Stack
    Align multiple shapes in relation to a selected “parent” shape. Stack selected shapes vertically or horizontally.
  • Swap Text and Super Size
    Swap Text lets users quickly swap texts with formatting between two selected shapes. Super Size scales text proportionally to fit a resized shape.
  • Unify Shapes
    Apply the adjustments of one shape to all other shapes subsequently selected to achieve a unified layout quickly.
  • …and more
    Dozens more tools are available in ProductivityPlus to help users build complex and professional slides and presentations faster and better.

Pro-presentations made easy

Adjust alignment left, right, horizontally, vertically or in relation to another shape. Distribute shapes or elements evenly stack, switch, and more.

Use the format painter to select individual parts of a format and apply a customized format to shapes and text boxes.

Email selected slides or entire presentations in PPTX or PDF format directly from the PowerPoint ribbon with one click of the send button.

Link Excel

Link Excel data to PowerPoint in one click

Import Excel elements (graphs, charts, tables etc.) into a PowerPoint slide and keep the same format. Link the element to enable it for updates.

Import data from individual cells from Excel into a PowerPoint slide. Link the element to enable it for updates.

Activate a Link between the original Excel file elements and the imported elements in PowerPoint. The Link ensures that any changes made in the original Excel file can be updated in the PowerPoint slide by a click of the Update button.

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