Productivity feature highlights
for consultants: work smarter in PowerPoint

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Every day, employees across your organization spend hours on assembling PowerPoint presentations. Templafy enables your employees to work smarter in PowerPoint.


Features designed for productivity in PowerPoint

Templafy has several productivity tools to make creating high-standard presentations easier than ever before. By downloading our overview on productivity feature highlights for consultants, you’ll get insights on


  • How to save time in PowerPoint
  • How to compile complex slide decks fast with the help of the productivity tool bar
  • How to automatically check entire presentations for possible formatting errors and fix them within seconds
  • How to link Excel data to PowerPoint with one click



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The PowerPoint solution for better and faster presentations

Creating presentations is at the core of many large enterprise processes. With high standards for document quality, it’s no surprise that the fine-tuning of presentations and proposals often takes hours.

In this video, Tim demonstrates how you can easily optimize daily tasks in Microsoft PowerPoint to save time, while still meeting the necessary high standards in all your presentations and proposals

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