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We’ve never asked to report ROI on Templafy because it’s far too obvious how essential of an investment it is for our team – and I don’t expect that request to ever really come through. It is the most used tool next to Microsoft Office. Everyone knows it and everyone uses it.

Sebastien Dubrulle
CIO, Moore

All employees have access to updated and correct templates. We know that all approved pictures are easily available and that we are able to ensure that all disclaimers and general terms and information are updated on a regular basis.

Ove Forseth
Brand Manager, BDO Norway

From User Acceptance Testing to deployment, the solution has been simple to roll out across all offices. The capability to synchronize with Single Sign-On made this process especially easy for IT.

Cris Hamelo
Cris Hamelo
IT Specialist, Bonava

Templafy is committed to upholding strong privacy and security standards with optimized controls and processes for continued compliance and a security-first mindset in everything we do. Learn more here

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