Document Anarchy Solved

Enterprise-wide governance and maximum productivity
across all company documents, presentations and emails.

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Every day employees produce thousands of documents, presentations
and emails. But they don’t always use the latest company standards.
This is what we call Document Anarchy.

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An On-Brand and Productive Document Culture

  • Library
  • Dynamics
  • Validator
  • Email Signature Manager
  1. Distribution & Access

    Company documents, slides, images and other digital assets are available directly where everyone needs them.

  2. Plays Well With Others

    Templafy integrates seamlessly with all IT infrastructures.

  3. Works Everywhere

    Templafy runs across all devices and platforms.

  1. Dynamic Templates

    All company templates automatically adapt to individual employee profiles combining up-to-date company details and personal information.

  2. Automated Compliance

    Legal disclaimers and branding dynamically applied to every document.

  3. Multiple User Profiles

    Switch between profiles to work from different offices and regions or write on behalf of colleagues.

  1. Brand Validation

    Brand assets like fonts, company colors and logos are automatically checked for compliance and updated accordingly.

  2. Content Validation

    When a document is reused from an employee’s desktop, all document content is automatically validated against the latest versions published by administrators in Templafy.

  1. Email Signature Governance

    Centrally manage on-brand, compliant and personalized email signatures company wide.

  2. Campaign Management

    Launch marketing campaigns in email signatures for certain groups or across the entire organization.

  3. Automatic Formatting

    Govern use of fonts and formatting in all company emails.

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Why Enterprises Choose Templafy

Company-Wide Brand Control and Compliance

Streamline all documents, presentations and emails in your organization without involving IT.

Maximum Increase in Office Productivity

Massively increase productivity when creating documents, emails and presentations.

Minimum Risk of Legal Incompliance

Centralized control of legal text in all documents, emails and presentations for any employee.

Stay Ahead of the Digital Curve

Secure and Future Proof Technology

  • Direct integrations with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint and more.
  • Platform independent user access via Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Single Sign-on using Azure AD, ADFS, Saml2, WS-Federation and Ping Federate.
  • Active Directory integration and content filtering based on AD group membership.
  • Multiple customer staging environments – Test, Pre-production, UAT, Production etc.
  • Data Loss Prevention capabilities for Office 365 Exchange.


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