Templafy for banks, asset managers & financial services

Create client-ready documents in minutes

Whether it's a fund report, investor report or proposal, document automation gets you most of the way before you've even started

Templafy ensures our professionals have access to the right content at the right time, so they can spend more time on true finance work. The ROI has been huge.

Petra Cisneros
Mergers & Acquisitions Associate
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Teams get caught up in a slow & painful proposal creation process

With Templafy With Templafy

Manual, repetitive tasks removed, freeing up headspace for value-driven work

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Fund & investor reports still contain critical errors, despite a lengthy review period

With Templafy With Templafy

Accurate & compliant information included in every single report

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Disconnected tools & asset libraries make it harder to do your job

With Templafy With Templafy

The content & data you need, when and where you need it

Create better documents, 30% faster

*The Total Economic Impact™ of Templafy study conducted by Forrester Consulting

Security-first technology

Templafy is committed to upholding strong privacy and security standards with optimized controls and processes for continued compliance and a security-first mindset in everything we do. Learn more here

Seamlessly connect and work with data in Excel and fix common formatting, grammar and styling errors in seconds

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