Templafy for banks and financial services firms

Automate document and presentation creation workflows as part of your internal digital transformation.

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Why banks and financial services firms choose Templafy

Leading global banks and financial services firms are including Templafy as part of their digital transformation strategy. As banks and financial services firms digitally transform their products and services, such as through mobile banking and financial budgeting apps, the next digital wave is investing in technology that will improve internal efficiency and reduce operational costs. Templafy’s cloud-based platform is a future proof solution that automates document and presentation creation workflows, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Manual work is eliminated when creating financial reports, reviews and customer presentations. At the same time, complying with company and industry regulations is easy.

Evergreen solution

Templafy integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and will be compatible with any IT changes in the future.

Increase productivity

Easy access to document, presentation and spreadsheet templates and assets saves employees time.

Ensure compliance

Instant distribution of the latest document and presentation templates makes legal and brand compliance easy.

Automate workflows

Context specific information such as legal disclaimers and employee details are automatically applied to documents and presentations.


How banks use Templafy

SEB uses Templafy to provide easy access to the latest document and presentation templates for 15,000 employees in 22 countries

“Colleagues have written to me that they like Templafy very much. They can easily find images and complete layouts that help make great presentations and documents. Templafy has turned into a standard tool for our staff because it solves many problems and is straightforward to use.”

Lars Emanuelsson, Visual Communicator, Investor Relations, SEB

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Watch how leading banks and financial services firms automate workflows with Templafy

Internal digital transformation

According to Accenture and Oxford Economics, applying innovative processes and tools to existing, legacy technology to free up time and resources and to improve focus is an important action for financial firms to strengthen their competitive position.

Templafy eliminates 95% of IT team’s involvement in rolling out and updating company document and presentation templates to all global employees.

Source: The Total Economic Impact™ of Templafy, a June 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Templafy

Secure and future-proof technology

Templafy is a security first organization. Templafy’s platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure using Platform-as-a-Service technology. Microsoft was chosen due to its extensive security features and strict compliance standards that enable commitment to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Templafy solution.

Templafy has a strong commitment to privacy, security and compliance. To further earn customer’s trust, we have introduced and optimized tools and processes to ensure our continued compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you want to learn more, our expert support team is always available to assist and answer any questions.

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Automate compliance

Keep content up-to-date with the latest company and legal standards

Templafy provides easy access to documents, presentations and emails with the latest legal standards to all employees. This is especially important for this industry as financial regulations are ever changing making it important, yet tedious, to ensure company content is compliant. The intelligent automation behind Templafy builds documents quickly and correctly. From creating a one-page letter to a twenty-page contract, the most up-to-date legal disclaimers, company and employee information are automatically applied to the correct part of every document.


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Productivity in PowerPoint

40 ways to check format, layout and content compliance

Automate the process of checking long, complex presentations for possible content, formatting and layout inconsistencies. With the click of a button, Templafy can check entire presentations against up to 40 different criteria determined by your organization. This enables efficient editing and adjusting, while unifying the content of the presentation. For example, instantly check that every slide uses the same font, color scheme, bullet point types and footnote format.


Trusted by enterprises

Over 200 businesses worldwide, including global enterprises with over 20,000 employees, use Templafy. Learn how some of our customers use Templafy here.

Link Excel

Excel and PowerPoint work seamlessly together

Pull Excel tables, graphs and numbers directly into PowerPoint while maintaining the correct format. The Excel design will be applied to the PowerPoint element and a link between these two elements will be created. With this link, any changes made to the Excel element can be applied to PowerPoint with one click. No more manually copying and pasting updated numbers into weekly presentations and status reports. Templafy’s “update all” feature allows for instant update of all charts in a PowerPoint presentation from the corresponding Excel spreadsheets.


Easy integration with your IT setup

Direct integrations with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint and more.

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Enhanced IT infrastructure

Unify your document creation ecosystem


  • Templafy’s evergreen solution integrates into existing IT infrastructure setups helping companies accelerate the investment in other systems, such as DMS, CRM and DAM. Get more out of your existing IT infrastructure by pulling different platforms together and making them easily accessible.
  • Templafy will stay up-to-date and compatible with your IT infrastructure now and in the future.
  • One-time deployment is easy and requires no maintenance. Real-time software updates ensure the document ecosystem is always up-to-date.
  • Centralize internationally dispersed IT systems with instant global distribution from one place.


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“Templafy is a valuable solution for any public or private sector organization looking to govern and streamline employee communications created in Microsoft Office 365 applications in the cloud or on premise.”

Mark Walton, Office Marketing Group Lead, Microsoft NZ