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6 Must Have Microsoft Office PowerPoint Add-ins

By Templafy | 12. June 2017

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We all know how easy it is to create bad, droning PowerPoint presentations, especially when knocking together a slide show at the very last minute. Sometimes we might even try to perk things up by adding animations and a few gimmicks, just hoping that the audience won’t doze off halfway through the meeting. Making an engaging PowerPoint quickly is a real challenge.

The good news is that there is a vast range of tools available that help you take your slide shows past the vanilla PowerPoint experience. Plus, they’re fun to experiment with!

Here are 7 nifty Microsoft Office add-ins for PowerPoint that will inject life into your presentations.

The best Microsoft Office PowerPoint add-ins

1. ToolsToo

We have a hunch that ToolsToo might soon be among your favorite PowerPoint add-ins to help make your presentation slides pop.

As its name suggests, ToolsToo is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you simplify creating especially large slide shows. The plug-in lets you manipulate and arrange shapes more intuitively and with greater precision than standard Microsoft Office PowerPoint – all while saving a whole deal of effort and time spent laboring over technical details.

In essence, ToolsToo provides a shortcut for ensuring visual consistency across your PowerPoint presentation slides and templates, housing everything under its own tab for easy, convenient access right in the main PowerPoint ribbon.

You can try out ToolsToo 30 days for free. After that, fees apply.

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2. Templafy

More PowerPoint add-ins for your slide shows? Try Templafy to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out!

Creating professional PowerPoint presentations that leave an impression can be a tedious, frustrating hassle for users that aren’t exactly design or tech savvy. Don’t put them on the spot. With Templafy, generating engaging Microsoft PowerPoint presentations becomes fast and easy.



Get access to right templates assigned to you and customize PowerPoint slides in a flash

Integrated within PowerPoint, Templafy’s impressive asset library of best practice PowerPoint slides and on-brand content allow users to conveniently add slides, images, text elements, logos, etc. to their PowerPoint presentations on the fly – all without needing to worry about document compliance.

Templafy automatically adapts PowerPoint templates to each individual user so you can easily transform a generic company template into a personalized and specialized PowerPoint presentation with the right look and content for your purpose – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Watch this short video productivity in PowerPoint with Templafy’s Microsoft Office Add-in:



Save time while building slide shows that pop with powerful productivity tools

Templafy provides easy access to up-to-date presentation templates and digital corporate assets such as best-practice slides, images and logos within PowerPoint. Searching for what you need is simple then once you’ve found the content you want to use, just click on the element to have it instantly inserted into the presentation. This makes it your one-stop source for building new slide shows while staying within the company’s most current branding guidelines.

With Templafy productivity features you can optimize the creation of complex slides and the tedious formatting of your presentation decks. Templafy provides over 40 features, from alignment to linking data to directly from Excel sheets, all designed to increase productivity in PowerPoint.

Keep your PowerPoint presentations up-to-date with company standards

With Templafy’s centralized administration platform, administrators can instantly roll out the latest templates and brand assets across the entire organization, or filter them by region, office etc. so content is only available to relevant employees. Administrators can trust that employees have access to content that is legally and brand compliant. To keep colleagues in sync with your company’s corporate identity, Templafy also alerts you when you are using out-of-date, off-brand information in your presentation and makes it simple to correct. 

3. Office Timeline

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use app to give you a leg up with project planning and tracking, Office Timeline is for you.

The add-in allows you to quickly generate schedules, project timelines, and Gantt charts within Microsoft Office PowerPoint based on the data you provide (dates for your project’s key milestones, timeframes for different tasks, etc.). This makes it the tool of choice for knowledge workers, marketers, IT professionals, and project managers who want to easily create and update informative graphics. Sure, Office Timeline may not win you any design awards, but it’s great for those last-minute meetings where you need to illustrate progress quickly and efficiently.

Office Timeline works with Microsoft PowerPoint version 2007 and higher. While the standard edition is free, the Plus edition with enhanced functionality comes with a varying price tag depending on the license you choose.

4. Pexels

Pexels is an easy-to-navigate search engine that helps you find free, powerful stock photos, both for commercial and personal use. It draws images from various quality sources to offer you an extensive asset library you can browse right within PowerPoint. This means a clear increase in your productivity, as you don’t have to break your workflow and switch between tabs to find high-quality images for your slide show.

Pexels now has its own add-in for PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office applications.

5. QR4Office

With just a few clicks, QR4Office lets you quickly generate a QR code and insert it into your PowerPoint presentation. You can utilize a QR code in a slide show to provide additional information with rich media or to download reference material such as reports for clients and executives. You can also add a QR code to take a quick poll or gather feedback from team members.

QR4Office is free and works with PowerPoint 2013 or later.

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6. PowerPoint Labs

Creating sophisticated PowerPoint presentations doesn´t need to be a drag. PowerPoint Labs is free and offers several nifty features to make your PowerPoint slides visually appealing in a snap.

With PowerPoint Labs you can polish up your presentation and instantly add that certain something with less effort – simply light up a single object or part of a slide, highlight bullet points, text segments and background, zoom in or pan between sections of a slide, drill down to important details, or crop out a part of an image without the need of an image editor.

The productivity add-in works with PowerPoint version 2010 and up.

What are your go-to tools to make your business presentations shine? Share your favorite add-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint with us in the comments section below. 


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