FinancesOnline have named Templafy as one of the 15 Best Document Management Systems of 2019.

FinancesOnline has conducted a round-up of the best Document Management Systems on offer in 2019, and named Templafy within the top 15! FinancesOnline is a business review site, who specializes in SaaS/B2B software and financial products reviews. They combine expertise with user reviews to ensure their knowledge and reviews of products are reliable.

Document Management Systems are of importance to companies because they provide a way of organizing business files and documents, where they are stored digitally and easily accessible to all employees who are in need of them. This is especially important in large organizations where it can be difficult to keep track of which documents are being used. FinancesOnline were impressed with how Templafy “makes content governance a breeze, allowing your administrators to centralize document template and dynamically update content on a single, simple to use platform”. They also emphasized Templafy’s ability to streamline the document creation process, personalize content for all individual users, provide best practice documents straight to employees, and ensure that the documents being created are always on-brand.

“Templafy scales to the needs of businesses of any size and industry, and addresses pain points commonly faced by various departments when handling documents.”

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