Last month Templafy was delighted to announce the opening of our first U.S. based office location on 5th Avenue in New York City. For the past two weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of giving a warm welcome to our new U.S. based team members during their visit to our Copenhagen headquarters.

Aside from onboarding, our new colleagues got the chance to meet everyone in the Copenhagen office and explore the wonderful city we love so much. They also took some time to share with us what they thought of the whole experience.

About our new colleagues and why they chose to work for Templafy

Our new team members John, Martin, Sam, Sarah, and Yarden all come from the U.S. and have lived in New York City for at least the past few years. They have different educational backgrounds ranging from international affairs to telecommunications.

They’re all excited to be part of a growing enterprise-focused company that’s ready to scale. John says, “I wanted an experienced leadership team, an amazing product to sell, with an even better team supporting me. Templafy was the perfect fit!”

Yarden added, “My top priorities in a new role were finding a dynamic company culture with a lot of opportunities to make an impact, a chance to learn from strong leaders and mentors, and to learn a complex enterprise sales process. After meeting Jesper, it was obvious to me that Templafy was the perfect fit for all these things and so much more.”

Changing environments: From US to Denmark

All our new colleagues come with experience from other US-based SaaS companies. One of the differences they’ve noticed is that Templafy has more collaboration between departments and a thoughtful nature when it comes to building and executing processes. For them, they find it promotes a special office environment that makes them feel like they’re part of a “family.” They all especially love that we eat a freshly prepared lunch together every day!

Yarden commented, “We have the best of both worlds- Danish culture and values mixed with the American spirit and New York state of mind.”

That sounds like a good mix to us!

On being Templafy’s new pioneers

“Empowering”, “exciting” and “thrilling” were some of the words we heard from the new team members. They talked about how they feel Templafy has a strong product and organizational structure which gives a solid foundation to ‘conquer’ the US market.

Sam says, “You all have done a tremendous job creating an organizational infrastructure (from product to finance to marketing to the sales team) that makes Templafy ready to ’conquer’ America.  Effectively, you’ve made our jobs easy from a set-up perspective. From here we can take our sales knowledge, methodologies, and experience selling to large companies with US decision makers and fill in the gaps.”

Martin summarizes, “It’s thrilling! We have a clear goal and we’re excited to execute.”

Top 5 things our new colleagues love most about Copenhagen

  1. The people – everyone has been kind and accommodating. It’s refreshing to talk with some of the nicest and happiest people in the world.
  2. The food/beer – it seems like every place you go, they have amazing food and incredible craft beers or cocktails. And who knew there would be so many burger places here?
  3. The architecture and Scandinavian design – the buildings are absolutely stunning with beautiful views and the understated/minimalist design mindset leads to a very clean and streamlined city compared to those in the U.S.
  4. Danish culture – there’s a “cozy” vibe in every bar, café, and restaurant. It’s warm and inviting. The pace: nothing feels rushed, which has been a welcomed break from New York City. The biking culture is also exciting and refreshing.
  5. Templafy – Copenhagen obviously has the best company in the world!

From all of us in Templafy, we’re so happy to have you all with us on the team. Your enthusiasm is palpable, and we’re looking forward to watching your careers soar on Templafy’s journey to solve document anarchy – globally!