Here at Templafy, we use our product every day – we like to practice what we preach! We interviewed Templafyers from various roles in our team to find out what they think about using Templafy and it turns out that they love using Templafy just as much as our customers do! Here’s what they had to say:

Glen, Head of Marketing

"As a user, one of my favorite parts of Templafy is the ability to quickly find relevant slides and icons that I know always match our brand and layout. It’s all available right there in PowerPoint when I build presentations, strategy decks and reports - and I don’t have to go anywhere else to get access to it."

Danny, Client Solutions Specialist

"The ability to get immediate access to constantly authorized/correct content without ever having to leave the application I'm working on gives an incredible increase in productivity and a certain peace of mind, which in turn allows me to work more confidently. The byproduct of this is simply better quality work!"

Mads, Head of Strategy

"I create a lot of presentations for my job. Having a broad range of top slides and slide elements readily available within PowerPoint is a huge help in quickly developing effective presentations. I also manage our pricing model for the sales team and all our partners and whenever changes are made, such as product offerings or prices, I just update the latest version in Templafy and the new version is automatically shared with all our sales reps globally. They know that the latest version in Templafy is always up to date."

Julien, Account Manager

"I don't even have to think about using it. Templafy's right there exactly when I need it and because of my user profile data, I only see the content relevant to my role. In other companies I would have to navigate away from MS Office to the intranet or I would just recycle old content I saved to my computer months ago or reuse my colleague's presentation. Was I on brand? Probably not."

Margaux, Customer Success Manager

"I create a lot of presentations for our customers so it matters to me that I can reuse best practice slides that look nice and are on-brand. I save a lot of time doing so. Also, when a new PowerPoint gets created, we upload it so everybody in the team has access to the same material. I also heavily use Templafy for emails where I have a bunch of ready-to-send text elements."

Aegir, Enterprise Account Manager

"I generate many complex documents every week and Templafy makes it very easy for me to find them and edit them fast. I can also trust that the look and content is up to date - so I don’t have to think about that and I can focus on the end results instead. Also, I don’t have to think about my email signature. It contains important contact information about me, that makes it easy for my customers to contact me. Thus it doesn’t matter which device I am using - the signature is always the same."

Simon, Account Executive

"The real benefit of Templafy for me is that I don't have to look around legacy intranets to find the digital assets that I need to do my job. Templates for quotes and presentations that are on-brand and legally compliant are right where I need them."

Casper, Traffic Manager

"Whenever I create new ad variations I always apply our logo, and for the companies I used to work at before, it was always a hassle finding the newest logo in the right format. However, with Templafy, I can always access these things in the admin panel or when I am doing a presentation. I love it."

Juan, Implementation Consultant

"Templafy for me is amazing because I have seen and experienced myself how easy it is to configure a universal email signature for the whole company in seconds. And I know that the brand manager will feel at ease knowing everyone is compliant and using a mistake-free email signature."

Monika, Head of Customer Success

"I’m a big fan of trying to optimize and automate everything I do and that’s why Templafy is an extremely important component of my daily routine! The ability to have access to Templafy and Customer Success content wherever I am, even if I'm working from home or travelling, is just awesome. This allows me to be a responsive customer success representative! Using Templafy on daily basis puts me on the same level as our clients, which helps me provide them with advice they can actually relate to, set an example and be successful at my job."