We’ve enlisted the productivity power of generative AI to help us on our North Star mission: Eliminating manual document work.

Since the explosion of GenAI last year, platforms like ChatGPT have become an everyday tool for professionals. It’s easy to see why: GenAI has proven to enhance the performance of highly skilled workers by 40%, according to a new study by MIT

While the productivity gains of GenAI are a no-brainer for employees, utilizing GenAI in an enterprise context is no easy feat. Inaccuracy, cyber security, and intellectual property infringement are the most cited risks of GenAI adoption, according to Mckinsey’s Global Survey on AI.

The challenge here lies in governance: How can organizations deploy GenAI company-wide, without sacrificing control

We’ve been busy answering this question. 

Today, we proudly launch Templafy’s AI Assistant – a new way for organizations to centrally manage the use of GenAI at scale

In this blog, we’ll reveal how Templafy’s AI Assistant can enable employees company-wide to generate and improve business documents in seconds – from within their daily applications, like Office – without sacrificing quality or security.

GenAI, meet rules-based automation

How we're solving the accuracy challenge

Templafy blends the security of rule-based automation with the creative power of Managed AI-generated content, to create high-quality and trustworthy company documents.

A foundation of rules-based automation means that all content created by Templafy strictly follows predetermined rules, standards, and legal compliance measures. This predictability is crucial for accuracy, which has been cited as GenAI’s biggest threat to organizations

Simultaneously, Templafy’s AI Assistant injects creativity into document creation in seconds, enhancing content within the defined boundaries set by rules-based automation. This way, organizations can harness the creative power of GenAI, while staying in the driver’s seat.

It's time to meet your new assistant

Templafy’s AI Assistant, powered by Azure OpenAI technology (or your company’s preferred AI model) allows all employees to effortlessly generate company documents or enhance existing content. 

Organizations can get started with Templafy’s out-of-the-box prompts: Summarize, Rephrase, Improve, Elaborate. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – admins can create their own prompt libraries and distribute custom prompts to their employees. 

Users can access Templafy’s AI Assistant seamlessly from within their existing workflows and platforms, like the Microsoft Office suite.

Summarize, Rephrase, Improve, Elaborate

  • Summarize: Quickly condense complex information into concise summaries, so your company documents get to the point, faster.
  • Rephrase: Effortlessly rephrase sentences and paragraphs for enhanced clarity and readability. Drive your message home with precision and impact.
  • Improve: Refine and perfect your text, ensuring your documents exude professionalism and land right with your audience, ultimately boosting your brand image.
  • Elaborate: Dive deeper into your narrative by creatively expanding on your content, crafting nuanced and comprehensive stories that captivate your audience and set your documents apart.

Templafy's AI Assistant brings AI where users need it, with predefined prompts to make the use of it extremely easy. Users are able to benefit from the power of AI with minimum effort. Through embedding the AI into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, we can elevate the way our employees are working with business documents and are looking forward to seeing the impact from this.

Kaisa Nummela
Portfolio Owner (Digital Channels) at Tietoevry 

Key features (and why they matter)

Centralize control for streamlined AI usage

Templafy puts organizations in the driver's seat, by providing a management layer – so organizations can regulate when and how their employees use AI.

Craft a consistent brand voice

With Templafy’s Tone of Voice features, organizations define and maintain a consistent brand voice across all GenAI-generated content.

Customize prompts to add value where it matters

With unmanaged AI, users are responsible for prompting GenAI applications, like Chat GPT. With Templafy, organizations create and distribute their own prompt libraries, so GenAI always works in alignment with company goals.

Fortify your data security

Templafy prioritizes data security by ensuring AI inputs or outputs remain private, allowing organizations to leverage AI benefits without compromising sensitive information.

Leverage AI within Office applications

Templafy brings the benefits of AI to your fingertips, within the tools your employees use every day, like the Office suite – ensuring a smooth and intuitive integration.

Customize and create AI actions

Tailor AI actions to meet the specific needs of your workflow. From automating routine tasks to creating personalized commands, Templafy allows you to mold AI functionalities to align seamlessly with your company objectives, amplifying efficiency and productivity.

Target the distribution of Templafy's AI Assistant

Templafy provides strategic tools for deploying AI capabilities where they matter the most – ensuring that the right teams and individuals benefit from enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows.

Custom AI integration

Effortlessly link your organization's preferred GenAI with Templafy, creating a seamless connection that aligns with your unique workflow and maximizes productivity.

Ready to see your AI Assistant in action? 

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