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6 Must Have Microsoft Office PowerPoint Add-ins

We all know how easy it is to create poorly designed, long, and dull PowerPoint presentations, especially when pulling together a slide show at the very last minute. Sometimes we might even try to perk things up by adding a few animations or gimmicks, hoping that the audience won’t doze off halfway through the meeting. Making an engaging PowerPoint with limited time is a real challenge.

Behind the scenes at the Tech Ops team with Jacob and Anders

Each year at Templafy we introduce new features, modules and integrations that help our growing customer base align workforces and empower employees to create better-performing business content faster. As experts in both our product and the wider tech landscape, our Tech Ops team is fundamental in communicating the evolving benefits of Templafy to our clients.

What to expect for 2021: Five key marketing trends

Just a few months into 2020 and our collective worlds, both personal and business, had been disrupted beyond imagination. 57% of companies in North America and Europe had to rework their business models, eCommerce saw a huge bump when online orders shot up by 108%, Facebook’s daily usage surged by 27%, 63% of users became more reliant on digital technologies, and 42% of consumers had irreversibly changed their bricks-and-mortar shopping habits.

9 Google Workspace features you and your business should know about

If you’re one of Google Workspace’s 6 million users, you’ll know first-hand about the benefits of the platform’s productivity-boosting tools and features. But as an innovator in the field, Google Workspace is continuously adding new features to its offering, helping both employees and businesses streamline workflows, enhance security, and improve performance.

Branding trends: what to expect in 2021

2021 is here – after a year that has shaken the world and bought the unexpected. Although 2020 has shown us that we never truly know what a new year will bring, we can still have some predictions about what this year will look like in certain areas of specialty. And one of these areas is branding.

How brand automation and artificial intelligence benefit the digital marketing world

Branding is agile. It develops with the times. Well-branded companies recognize that what served them once will no longer suit audiences living in a different time with different priorities. And as a concept that is so necessarily adaptable to the changing trends in the world around them, it makes sense that branding keeps up with technology developments. And that’s why automation and AI are so important to branding.

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