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Industry branding series: Insurance brands

Being an insurance company in today’s market isn’t easy. Those operating in one of the most highly regulated industries know all too well that buying insurance doesn’t usually excite the consumer. You don’t find people talking about choosing between Geico and Liberty Mutual or Ping An and China Life in the same way they deliberate over buying a Google Pixel or iPhone X. Skepticism, indifference and distrust have traditionally been much more likely consumer attitudes towards insurance companies.

Why is a style guide important? Lessons from 4 leading brands

When you take a look at companies with the best brand recognition worldwide like Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung Group and Facebook, immediately their logos, brand personality, typography, abbreviations, etc. can be vividly recalled in your mind – from the black Amazon wordmark underlined with its yellow “smile” to Facebook’s blue ‘f’. If placed next to each other, it’s highly likely that you’d be able to distinguish between Samsung’s ‘SamsungOne’ font and Google’s Sans-serif typeface. An Apple advert whether online or on a billboard is always distinctly an Apple production.

How to build a strong brand: the 3 essential elements

In today’s globalized, digitally-driven world, the need for corporations to have a consistent and powerful brand is more important than ever. 89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is their most important goal, and 77% of marketing leaders cite creating strong brands as critical to their growth plans. But how exactly is a strong brand built?

Brand Update 101: Rebranding vs Brand Refresh

Can you tell them apart? Both can help your company’s brand stay fresh and relevant, but there’s a world of difference between the two. It’s common knowledge that fashion trends fluctuate and eventually go out of style. But some managers forget that in a rapidly changing marketplace, so will a company’s branding.

Everyday value: brands using employees as brand ambassadors

In 2022, digital ad advertising spending in the US is set to peak at a staggering $239 billion – exceeding 2021’s predicted $211 billion. With more and more available channels to reach target audiences, brands are fighting more than ever for consumer attention investment in fighting for the consumer’s attention.

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