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Positive work cultures work harder

Organizational psychologists have long been touting the benefits of fostering positive workplaces, but some companies still uphold cut-throat, high-pressure environments in the belief that it’s the best way to whip employees into shape and deliver results. In reality, it’s sometimes the best way to push employees towards burnout.

Corporate data security with Office 365 Security and Compliance toolbox

CEO Satya Nadella’s words pretty much hit home at the Microsoft Government Cloud Forum in November 2015, striking a chord with the many IT managers who more often than not seem to be deeply concerned about Office 365 compliance and data security when facing the decision whether or not to move on-premises content to Microsoft’s cloud-based service. Why?

Expert tips on nailing a presentation

Public speaking can be tough and unfortunately there’s no magic cure for the stage fright that sometimes goes with it. But it certainly helps to know that you’ve prepared a strong presentation to back you up. From PowerPoint slides to storytelling, here is what the experts say about delivering a killer presentation. By preparing smart, you’ll get the confidence boost you need to deliver strong and ensure that your message resonates with the audience.

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