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Law firm technology trends: what will 2018 bring?

2017 was the year ‘law got tech’. Historic structures were revolutionized by a more open attitude to legal technology, firms prospered from the introduction of more sophisticated platforms and cloud migration finally started to catch on. With last year’s solid groundwork laid for industry disruption, 2018 with impending data regulations, heightened competition and developments in machine learning, is set to take these law firm technology trends to a whole new level.

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2018 Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap

Enterprise digital transformation is a strong contender for ‘buzzword of 2018’. While there’s no doubt of its value and importance for businesses of all sizes – the digital transformation market is predicted to reach a staggering $431.71billion by 2021 – the term itself is often overused and misunderstood.

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Inside Templafy: International perspectives on working in Copenhagen

Here at the Templafy office in Copenhagen, we’re proud to have over 20 different nationalities represented in our team. We love the diverse background this brings us, and believe it aids our international approach. Templafy promotes an inclusive culture, but we are aware that a team with many international members will undoubtedly face some cultural differences. We interviewed a few members of our team to find out how working in central Copenhagen compares to working in their native countries.

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5 Financial Services Technology Trends

2017 – defined by Brexit, political unrest and economic uncertainty, was a tumultuous year for the financial industry. And while there’s no doubt that trade negotiations and pending regulations will continue to impact this year to come, it’s 2018 financial services technology trends that are tipped to be the primary driving force for change in finance companies.

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About corporate branding and how it differs from smaller organizations

In the headquarters of McDonalds, executives constantly remind colleagues of a company adage: “If you see a man in a $300 suit picking up paper in the parking lot, you’d better get out there and help him, because it’s Ray Kroc.” That is because Ray Kroc was so obsessed with McDonalds’ reputation for cleanliness that he would pick up the trash himself and shout at the local owner for not keeping the place tidy.

Behind the orange icon: the history of PowerPoint

Last year PowerPoint celebrated its big 3 0. At thirty years old, the software superpower had a lot to celebrate. PowerPoint still stands as the most valuable Microsoft acquisition to date, is currently installed on over a billion computers worldwide and is responsible for the creation of up to 30 million presentations each day.

Google Drive vs Dropbox: for Enterprises that give a DAM

Even just 5 years ago we didn’t have such high expectations for accessing and transferring business documents, emails and files as we do now. These days we consider anything less than immediate or just three clicks away to be inefficient. And all of this is possible due to cloud technology and some tech giants who have forged the way for Cloud File Sharing (CFS).

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