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Working smarter: Smart documents are essential for remote workers

With the rise of business tech such as cloud-based software, document automation softwares, smart documents, digital hangouts and smartphones, the traditional 9-5 work setup is increasingly giving way to virtual offices and an age of BYOD (that’s Bring Your Own Device not Bring Your Own Drink for those of you grabbing the merlot for your next meeting).

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Streamline your sales process and build your brand

As complexity in sales increase, great templates for all parts of the funnel will increase your chance of winning more business. Ensure the correct use of your brand, while you streamline your sales process – here’s why sales templates will work wonders both for both your brand and for your commercial organization.

9 of the Best Outlook Add-ins 2017 has to offer

Outlook Add-ins = productivity. If you’re looking to supercharge Office 365 productivity, Outlook is the place to start. As a front-runner in the add-on department, there’s currently a world of sophisticated Outlook add-ins designed to boost workplace efficiency and make your day-to-day much easier.

Brand consistency builds brand integrity

Christian Lund is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Templafy, a unique software solution that empowers enterprise organizations to easily govern brand content and optimizes how employees create documents, presentations and emails in Microsoft Office and Office 365 applications. He has spent over 15 years optimizing business document templates in Microsoft Office applications to empower his customers to keep their employees’ documents and emails on-brand.

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Going paperless – solving document management once and for all

What are the benefits of using a document management system and going paperless as a business – how do you do it? Where should you start and where are the biggest wins? According to a McKinsey survey, 92% of organizations say that removing paper from business processes is a constant objective, but still 20% of businesses claim that their paper consumption is actually increasing!

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