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Deploy custom templates quicker, with better results

Enterprises have benefited from a lot of exciting tech innovation in recent years, but the way custom templates for MS Office are deployed in global organizations has hardly changed in the past decade. Conversations I’ve had with IT-Pros at conferences and roadshows lately have made me realize how archaic and frustrated the thinking is around this area. There is a better way to deploy custom templates.

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Digital Asset Management Systems: Top 5 tips How To Make It Work

In the workplace, most people are inherently resistant to change. From writing an email to putting together a new business pitch, employees often get into their own unique daily office habits. Therefore, while new enterprise software has the potential to revolutionize your business’ productivity, it also runs the risk of disrupting trusted and ingrained ways of working.

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Brand Identity Updates: Don’t Be Blind To Office Applications

One of the biggest communication problems I encounter when working with companies undergoing a visual identity update is between company brand managers and the designers they hire to help rebrand their assets. If one side doesn’t hear the other at this important time, the entire operation may be in jeopardy. Designers, understandably, are often focused on external outcomes. It’s up to brand managers to ensure that the updates work internally as well.

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Office 365 Migration: Top 5 Roadblocks That Prevent Success

Providing an impressive array of enterprise-level functionality, Office 365 makes it easy for organizations to create, communicate, and share information in the cloud. While some companies have already jumped into the deep end and successfully made an Office 365 migration, many remain doubtful about the transition, most fearing the migration process itself and potential bumps along the way.

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How To Develop Your Marketing Skills To Handle New Technology

Technology is transforming how marketers operate and how they connect with their audience. With the proliferation of new products and opportunities, it can be difficult to prioritize what to invest money in. But what often gets overlooked in a busy workday, is what you should invest your time in – what are the new skills you need to develop or advance to stay relevant and competitive in your job when you don’t have time for endless webinars or online courses?

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Predictions: How Tech Will Shape The Way We Work

Saying that technology will continue to evolve how we work, when we work and where we work is no revelatory assertion in 2016. We can see all around us the myriad ways it affects our processes and our day. Predicting the drivers of this change and the form it will take though requires a little more knowledge, so we asked some of our senior team to share their thoughts on the matter and what they’re most looking forward to from tech in 2016. Our CTO brings it all together in the end with some thoughts on the “bliss” of cloud computing.

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