Templafy’s integration with Getty Images allows users to access all of the Getty Images’ digital assets directly inside document applications. Companies can empower their employees with easy access to the professional images included in their Getty Images enterprise subscription. The advantage of Templafy connecting Getty Images assets directly to documents is a faster, intuitive, and secure workflow for users and a compliant output for companies.

Why is this integration important?

Companies with an enterprise subscription to Getty Images can now offer access to the images stored there through office applications for their employees – whether in Microsoft Office or G Suite. This integration with Templafy permits companies to limit employees to using only images with correct copyright in place while they’re creating business documents. The outcome is a higher usage of professionallooking company-owned images in business documents, higher productivity levels, and secured legal compliance in approved image use.

How does it work in practice?

While employees are building business documents in Office or G Suite applications, they can search in Templafy’s task pane for images that would fit that document. With the powerful search capabilities, employees get access to only the professional-looking images that are part of their Getty Images subscription. Access is simple and intuitive, creating a smoother workflow and an easy path to increased and compliant usage of company-owned digital assets.