Building, managing, and deploying email signatures just got a whole lot easier. With our new Signature Designer — now available within the Email Manager module — Admins can create on-brand and up-to-date email signatures without any need to code.

Email signatures remain a central part of a company’s brand image as well as an evergreen opportunity for marketing. But as companies scale, coordinating consistent email signatures — which until now have required knowledge of HTML or other scripting languages — can pose a technical challenge.

In response, email signatures are often managed by IT departments or external partners, resulting in delays and inefficiencies between desired signature updates and eventual deployment.

Templafy’s new Signature Designer is a template-based creation wizard that anyone can use to create email signatures without requiring any knowledge of HTML or other special syntax. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create dynamic email signatures in just four simple steps.

How it works

  1. Select an email signature template to build upon
  2. Replace the sample data with dynamic references to your own data
  3. Customize the look with web-safe fonts and colors 
  4. Define signature visibility based on recipient (internal, external, etc.) and context (new email, reply, etc.)

Templafy’s new email signature designer also provides guidance with an in-app onboarding tool to help users understand how to get started and create on-brand, compliant email signatures with confidence — regardless of technical background or experience.

Key features

  • Intuitive guided design: Step-by-step guidance to effortlessly create professional email signatures without any HTML 
  • Pre-set elements: Click-to-create design workflow with your own data inputs
  • Dynamic element preview: Review and refine your email signature design with previews in real-time
  • Simple updates and deployments: Launch company-wide signature updates with ease


  • Reduce reliance and burden on technical teams or external partners
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs with simplified email signature management that can be done in-house
  • Maximize brand equity by reducing mistakes in email signatures
  • Expand marketing impact by easily deploying company-wide email signature campaigns
  • Guarantee compliance with centralized management of language, links, and disclaimers

Every email is an opportunity — make the most of it with Templafy.