Templafy Co-Founder, Christian Lund, will give a talk at The Next Web (TNW) Conference 2019 in Amsterdam on May 9th.

The TNW Conference provides roundtables, workshops and talent sessions to explore how technology is advancing and discuss surrounding questions with business and technology experts. The event includes industry-leading speakers such as PwC’s Director of AI, Rob McCargow, and Google’s Chief Decision Scientist, Cassie Kozyrkov, covering topics ranging from artificial intelligence to blockchain. In TNW’s own words, the conference “is where we celebrate human innovation.”

Christian will host a 45-minute roundtable session titled “Make every enterprise employee a brand ambassador.” He will explain how top global enterprise brands are using SaaS tools to future-proof and safeguard brand governance over employee produced business documents and content.

More specifically, Christian will explain:

  • The key brand governance issues for enterprise-scale organizations that Christian has seen in his 15 years of working in the document creation and brand governance space
  • How to improve the digital employee experience and make it easier for employees to stay on-brand
  • Use cases from enterprise organizations that have digitally transformed brand governance with SaaS