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Ensure brand consistency on all documents produced across the organization. Templafy software for brand management is a quick fix for off-brand company documents, presentations and content.

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Brand consistency builds brand integrity



Consistency is a cornerstone of strong branding. However, corporate brand consistency can be difficult to manage across multi-channel business communications, especially in the documents, presentations and emails created everyday by employees. With Templafy brand management software brand managers can take back the control over all documents produced by employees.


Our customers use Templafy to maintain brand consistency

“The greatest overall benefit of Templafy is that it’s easy for PANDORA’s employees to use and everyone completely trusts that everything is in line with our brand and contains the correct information. This is essential for making the employees want to use the solution.”

Director, Corporate Communications

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Brand Management Software – Why Customers Use Templafy

Brand validation – Brand assets like fonts, company colors and logos are automatically checked for compliance and updated accordingly.

Content validation – When a document is reused from an employee’s desktop, all document content is automatically validated against the latest versions published by administrators in Templafy.

Simple administration – Easily update and deploy brand assets and company content online with no need to disturb IT. Gain full control of your organizations brand asset management.

Brand Asset Management integration – Templafy integrates with your brand asset management software, such as Bynder and Brandworkz.

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Templafy is your new favorite software for brand management. Here’s why:

Brand Validation

• Regardless of best efforts, it’s inevitable that employees will reuse old documents and presentations from their desktop. This usually leads to off-brand and potentially legally noncompliant documents.

• Templafy bridges the gap, allowing employees to reuse old documents but notifying them if any brand assets like fonts, color themes or logos are off-brand or outdated.

• For employees, Templafy acts like a branding safety net, helping them get back on track in a matter of seconds and to stay-on brand at all times.

• For enterprises, Templafy does the brand policing in employee documents so that branding teams don’t have to

Content Validation

• When it comes to text elements used inside existing documents or presentations Templafy detects where things are wrong, outdated or not compliant with the latest legal standards and alerts employees instantly.

• Templafy makes up-to-date and compliant text elements easily accessible to employees.

• For enterprises, Templafy helps to enforce legal compliance standards, even in documents that were created in the past.

Simple Administration

• Easy to use – Centralized administration is maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from any device or location.

• Content management – Text elements and brand assets like logos, color themes and fonts are easily updated and published by administrators across the entire organization in real-time, empowering those responsible to gain back control of brand and compliance governance.

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