You spend less time reviewing decks, they spend more time pitching clients.

Calculate your weekly time spent creating documents

The question is not whether you can afford to invest in boosting productivity.
It’s whether you can afford not to.

My company has...

Fast and easy access to branded assets
Fast and easy access to up-to-date, correct and compliant information
Available centralized content repository
Automated document creation
Simple mechanisms for instantly localizing content
Instant processes for checking and reviewing content

Templafy's proposal automation software pulls approved content from all connected applications right into the appropriate company template. For the final touches, Templafy provides a suite of productivity tools for employees to finalize the parts that can't be automated. 

Build better proposals faster

Consultants create presentations 30% faster, automating the tedious tasks in document creation.

Global compliance made easy

Align your global brand with standard assets, legal terms, and disclaimers.

Distribute best practices

Integrate brand-approved assets directly into global systems without having to rely on IT.

Paul Vetrone, Director of Audit Transformation & Innovation of BDO Canada speaks with Templafy highlighting:

  • Delivering an improved client experience and enhanced compliance.
  • How automation is helping their business better serve clients.
  • Building the right infrastructure and workflows for internal excellence.