Templafy for consulting, accounting & tax

Create better documents 30% faster

From Audit Reports to Client Proposals, automate the creation of your most critical pursuit materials and client deliverables

Templafy removes all the complexity of formatting documents, which has resulted in huge gains in productivity.

Graeme Bland 
Head of IT for productivity & project applications
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Teams get caught up in a slow & painful proposal creation process

With Templafy With Templafy

Manual, repetitive tasks removed, freeing up headspace for value-driven work

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Service agreements still contain critical errors, despite a lengthy review period

With Templafy With Templafy

Accurate & compliant information included in every single contract

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Disconnected tools & asset libraries make it harder to do your job

With Templafy With Templafy

The content you need, when and where you need it

Get started with document automation

*The Total Economic Impact™ of Templafy study conducted by Forrester Consulting

Spend less time building presentations and more on perfecting them with powerful tools and content checks

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