Content service platforms

What is a content service platform?

Content service platform is a term which was defined by Gartner, and represents the evolution of enterprise content management. Where enterprise content management relates to the storage of content, content service platforms intend to solve more complex difficulties, and focus on using integrated solutions to achieve business goals. Content service platforms are strategy-organized, and focused on the integration of existing solutions to help organizations.

Content service platforms focus on the need for organizations to:

  • Store content.
  • Create and share content and documents.
  • Collaborate on documents.
  • Transform content.
  • Track content and version control.
  • Integrate between multiple systems.
Templafy integrations automates whole document creation workflow

Why are content service platforms important to enterprises?

Enterprises work with a huge number of complex documents and assets on a daily basis. Often, enterprises have invested in systems to help them with this, such as digital asset management systems, storage systems, and more. Although these systems have huge potential, they are often underused. Through content service platforms, these systems are integrated and work together to understand how content is used internally and externally to create, collaborate and distribute information enterprise-wide.

Content services platforms provide an information service, where knowledge sharing is improved as there are better services for searching and finding information. Content service platforms are also easily scalable, can be deployed quickly and are able to hold larger volumes of information than before, particularly if stored in the cloud. Through integration, content service platforms allow organizations to get the most out of the other systems that they are using, enhancing cross-system collaboration and providing value. Finally, there are operational benefits to content service platforms, as they increase productivity and save time across the tasks that employees perform on a daily basis, such as document creation.

Templafy integrations

Templafy and your content services toolkit

Templafy is a key element of your content services toolkit. As a template management system, Templafy provides vital enterprise content services, by bringing all the document templates and relevant assets, such as images, links, text elements, and more into the applications that employees are working in. Through dynamic personalization, Templafy aids document creation and simplifies workflows. Due to its cloud-based nature, Templafy is a future-proof solution which serves all document creation needs for employees.

Templafy recognizes the need for multiple systems in a content services toolkit, and provides integrations with DAM, DMS and CRM services. Through this, Templafy brings the assets and data that employees need into their every day work flow. Integrations enable organizations to make better use of their existing systems, and Templafy brings this into workflows to aid productivity, saving time for both employees and the organization as a whole.

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