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What are Content Services Platforms?

Content Services Platforms (CSP) is a new strategic concept that aims to replace the widely established term Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Whereas ECM can be described as the systematic process of collating, organizing and distributing a company’s documents, Content Services Platforms – as identified by research body Gartner, is defined as:

“a set of services and microservices, embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications that share common APIs and repositories, to exploit diverse content types, and serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization.”

Although groundbreaking in its upheaval of established ECM practices, the Gartner-defined concept can be seen a natural rather than radical progression in content management practices. ECM’s strong ties to technology and the ever-increasing speed and volume of content production mean ECM and ECM strategies have always been constantly evolving.

ECM and Content Services Platforms both serve to solve the challenges of enterprise content management, however, they go about achieving these goals in different ways. ECM intends to achieve its goals with a single, centralized system, whereas CSPs use a strategy of integrated technologies. Reflecting the evolving and dynamic nature of content services, this transition from enterprise content management vendors to content services platforms and components, shifts the focus from ECM’s self-contained storage of content to the more active use of content under content services platforms. This relies on multiple open services that are interconnected and work together to understand how content is used internally and externally to create, collaborate and distribute information enterprise-wide.

How does Templafy fit into your content services platform offering?

Content services platforms, Gartner specifies, must offer integrated content-related services and API content services models such as search, version control, workflow, records management, web content management, analytics and of course, document management provided by vendors such as Templafy.

Every day, employees produce thousands of documents – whether contracts, sales pitches, legal letters or customer communication. This is a huge volume of content to create and monitor. Adding Templafy to your content services platform architecture allows businesses to remain in control of legal and brand compliance – ensuring all content is up-to-date and using the latest company standards, while its dynamic template model increases productivity in document creation.

A vital element of being a content services platform component is seamless integration to its connected software and processes. Templafy is designed to play well with others, integrating directly into leading content services platforms such as Microsoft. For example, when using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, users never have to leave the Office platform to search for content or templates, maximizing productivity. Templafy also integrates with the document management systems (DMS) and digital asset management systems (DAM) your firm is already using.

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Templafy as a central part of Enterprise Content Services

Why companies choose Templafy platform

• Company-wide brand control and compliance

• Maximum increase in office productivity

• Minimum risk of legal incompliance

• Evergreen solution to replace legacy systems not supporting the digital transformation strategy

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