Create perfect contracts in a fast workflow

Templafy adds efficiency and compliance to the contract creation process by automating the manual work.

 Powerful contract management software

Creating contracts with Templafy saves time and ensures accuracy 

Templafy ensures the fast production of accurate contracts with access to the latest contract templates via one central location inside document apps. It adds automation that drastically cuts the time it takes to create compliant-by-default contracts.  

A faster contract creation process with Templafy

Help your team reclaim their productivity with smart document workflow. Start from anywhere, build with anything, deliver anywhere.

Build complex documents fast

Automatically include information from user profiles, company standards, customer databases, and metadata — all formatted for you.

Say goodbye to template anarchy

There’s no need to maintain large numbers of templates when you can customize them with dynamic content fields.

Ensure company-wide compliance

Compliance is easy to manage and enforce with centralized control over addresses, logos, document classification and disclaimers.

Prior to implementing Templafy, we had a variety of templates for Word and PowerPoint. Some templates were shared on our intranet, but many employees reused old presentations, reports and documents. This led to a high risk of inconsistency in how our company was presented externally, in terms of bids, proposals, reports, letters and presentations.” 

Caroline Wilander
Caroline Wilander
Marketing Manager, BDO

Templafy helps employees to easily create, update and find contracts, saving time and increasing productivity. Book a demo to see how it all works.

  • Easy access to all relevant company content from inside document apps. 
  • Build always-accurate documents quickly with correct company content using automation. 
  • Keep company-owned content up-to-date and auto-fix all detected inconsistencies in a click.