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Freeing up IT resources, empowering communication teams to administer content updates, and enabling employees to quickly produce on-brand work

Aarhus University was established in 1928, and today the university has several world class research fields, 12,000 employees, and over 42,000 students. The university’s goal is to contribute towards solving the complex global challenges facing the world today.

Prior to implementing Templafy, Aarhus University was using an on-premise template management and document creation system. This system was proving increasingly resource-intensive to administer, because only the supplier could update it.

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“Our administration support on templates, documents and presentations is now easier – with Templafy, we can quickly check and correct content, and then instantly make everything available to our users”

Digital Project Manager,
Aarhus University

Why Templafy?

Aarhus University needed a flexible and future-proof solution with improved user-experience features for everyone throughout the organization, and a centralized way to distribute content in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Aarhus University migrated their on-premise document template management system to Templafy’s cloud solution. This migration was lead by Digital Project Manager, Pia Hvid Tønnesen, who says “it’s been a pleasure to offer my colleagues throughout the university a product like Templafy. Our needs to make adjustments to the solution were very well understood and met by the Templafy team, and we had a good working relationship with Templafy’s Project Manager throughout the process.”

Templafy has helped ensure Aarhus University’s brand remains consistent and up-to-date in all documents and presentations produced by employees.

Templafy integrates with Aarhus University’s Microsoft applications, so that employees can access everything needed to quickly create on-brand documents and presentations.

With Templafy, the central IT team can globally update standard documents and digital assets, while the administration divisions can update their local content without needing to involve the IT team. Once content is updated in Templafy’s online interface, it is immediately available to all users.

The university’s HR and study administration divisions in particular have welcomed Templafy, and have improved case processing times through using Templafy to share documents and text items across units.

“The greatest overall benefit is the on-brand scalability, flexibility and Templafy’s library features, which is particularly optimizing the time Aarhus University employees spend on case processing documents”

Digital Project Manager,
Aarhus University

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