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“With Templafy, we can now claim we have a unified brand deployment system that can easily be kept up-to-date. Our employees can always trust they are using the correct branded material.”

Since the 1930s, Bonava has been a leading residential development company in Northern Europe. Bonava creates homes and neighborhoods affordably and sustainably, from project management of the land to finishing the homes themselves. As a company which operates in 23 regions across 8 countries, Bonava understands the importance of maintaining a consistent brand across communication material but was wasting valuable IT resources doing so.

Company templates were available inside Microsoft Office applications for Bonava employees, but it wasn’t an ideal setup. As Bonava IT Operations Coordinator, Jeanette Ousdal recalls, “Our previous template management system was difficult to use. Employees tended to use outdated document templates and create their own email signatures which made it difficult to have a unified brand.”

Without a way to distribute updates globally, maintaining employee access to the most up-to-date versions of document templates, images and fonts was almost impossible.

Why Templafy?

Bonava chose Templafy’s cloud-based template and digital asset management platform to globally distribute the latest email signatures, document templates, fonts and images in real time.

Simple deployment for IT and easy to use for employees

Bonava employed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of Templafy’s solution to measure how employees would react to the software. The results showed that employees appreciated Templafy and found it intuitive to use. Once established that Templafy would be beneficial to Bonava employees, the next step was to deploy Templafy across all offices.

Cris Hamelo
IT Specialist, Bonava


“From User Acceptance Testing to deployment, the Templafy solution has been simple to roll out across all offices. Templafy’s capability to synchronize with Single Sign On made this process especially easy for IT.”

Global distribution in real time

Templafy allows Bonava to instantly distribute document and presentation templates and also automatically applies the company’s latest email signatures to all emails sent. Templafy also integrates with the Digital Asset Management system Bonava was already using, BrandMaster, to bring all the images stored there directly into Microsoft office applications. As Cris elaborates, “IT and users alike, have both appreciated Templafy’s ability to bring the latest company content directly into Microsoft Office.”

Global distribution of Bonava fonts and color schemes through Templafy has been especially beneficial. Jeanette adds, “Bonava fonts and colors are now distributed entirely through Templafy. No local installations are needed which has been hugely beneficial to our IT teams.”

Templafy integrates with Bonava’s Digital Asset Management system, BrandMaster, to make all up-to-date images available within Word.

Templafy’s support team

Bonava found the Templafy team to be especially supportive during the rollout phase. Templafy’s Support team was able to provide guidance on the best way to roll out the new software, based on Bonava’s specific situation and in a way that minimized interruptions to Bonava employees.


“The close collaboration between Bonava IT and Templafy’s Support team ensured that we were able to setup all Templafy features, as well as the BrandMaster DAM integration, in the most efficient way possible.”

Jeanette Ousdal
IT Operations Coordinator, Bonava

Brand unity and consistency across all offices

The result of being able to easily roll out the Templafy platform globally is that every Bonava employee has easy access to the most up-to-date document and presentation templates, email signatures and images. Cris adds, “With Templafy, we can now claim we have a unified brand deployment system that can easily be kept up-to-date. Our employees can always trust they are using the correct branded material.”

Both Cris and Jeanette agreed that the Bonava brand team now feels confident that all employees can stay in compliance with company policies.

The latest company slides are available to be inserted into Bonava PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button.


Up-to-date email signatures are automatically applied to every email sent by Bonava employees.

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