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How Coloplast implemented a global brand relaunch

  • Industry: Healthcare Product Supplier
  • Location: 55 countries
  • Number of employees: 12,000
About Coloplast

Coloplast’s brand priorities

Coloplast is one of the world’s leading suppliers of healthcare products and services, specializing in ostomy care, continence care, wound & skin care, and urology care. Coloplast’s vision is meeting users’ needs and moving care forward through understanding individuals.

Coloplast operates globally, and sharing inspiring stories is a large part of how they celebrate their customers. As such, their communication and branding is vital for the Coloplast community.

When Coloplast undertook a worldwide brand relaunch, it was going to impact almost 12,000 employees. Coloplast had created new brand assets and document templates, but needed to find a way to be sure that employees would actually use them. The marketing and communications department needed to roll out their new visual identity quickly, completely and without the involvement of IT at every step.


How Coloplast optimized their brand

Coloplast chose to implement a solution that means content can be administered instantly by their Marketing and Communications departments. As a result, updated branded content is always available when needed, and Coloplast’s IT resources are available again for more relevant tasks.

Through using a template management solution which opens as a task pane inside Office applications, Coloplast’s employees can access approved document templates and other brand assets directly when they need, across any device or operating system. As a result, employees can focus on what they’re best at, with the assurance that the content they create will always be on-brand and compliant, especially after a brand relaunch.

As a global organization, Coloplast works in many different markets, and through the chosen solution, regional brand managers have the power to flexibly adapt content to their individual market needs. As changes are applied instantaneously, employees can know they are always using the latest on-brand  template versions for their area.

Our local brand management departments now can edit corporate content directly and apply respective changes immediately – a facet our IT admins are particularly intrigued by as it takes everyday management off their shoulders and thus adds more hours to their day.

Wakana Pivoteau Sakihama
Head of Corporate Branding, Coloplast

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