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How Condeco secured its brand in company content and email signatures 

  • Industry: Workspace technology
  • Location: 8 global offices
  • Number of employees: 350+
About Condeco  

Knowing the value of a consistent end-to-end brand experience 

Condeco is the market leader in meeting room scheduling and workspace reservation solutions. They help some of the world's biggest brands manage workspace more efficiently and give people the space to get more out of their working day and to just get work done.  

Condeco places a lot of value in its brand, focusing on delivering a consistent end-to-end brand experience for its customers and potential customers across all channels, from sales and marketing materials to website, emails and company videos.  

The company understood that enabling employees to produce on-brand content with aligned messaging was crucial to upholding their strong brand value. To achieve this, Condeco required simplified access to the latest templates and digital assets and a faster way to update and distribute this content.  

Condeco’s solution  

Condeco implemented Templafy to take away the I can’t find it", giving employees a single source of truth that's easy and convenient to access via a task pane inside document applications. Condeco uses Templafy to provide all employees across the business with a more straightforward way to access the same company templates and content in one central place.  

With easy access to company-approved digital content, including PDFs, slides, text snippets, and images directly when and where they're needed, Condeco's employees have all they need to create documents and presentations. The result is a more consistent and professional profile, ensuring a correctly presented Condeco brand across their services. 

Implementing Templafy helped streamline Condeco's global brand relaunch, governing how employees use the brand in their multiple offices across the globe. Brand integrity and consistency are fundamental to Condeco's profile and their customers' experience.  

Condeco ensures every employee has direct access to materials and templates in the software programs where they are creating documents. With access to only the on-brand document templates and digital assets made easy on both PC and Mac, they removed any difficulties of adhering to the brand standards

Condeco chose an easy-to-use, cloud-based template management system to facilitate their teams to update and deploy corporate content online directly. Because Templafy is cloud-based, updating and distributing templates and digital content is instant and with no hassle or disruption to IT or other teams. It means employees are always pulling the latest version from the system.  

Condeco places a high value on the consistency of format, job titles and information across the email signatures. Additionally, the company uses its email signatures to push out marketing campaigns to departments, regions and company-wide. Templafy's Email Signature Manager allows Condeco to maintain consistency in all email signatures across the business - a task which was previously a real struggle.  

The company is now taking advantage of pushing out key messages to customers and contacts using campaigns to promote initiatives. Previously, teams in Condeco manually updated their email signatures. It was a time-consuming task with inconsistent results. The new process is quick, easy and allows them to manage email signatures and campaigns remotely

The Templafy solution has meant I no longer have to spend as much time reviewing company documents and presentations for brand compliance. I can trust that employees have easy access to the most up to date templates and assets which is great.

Jessica David
Marketing Executive, Condeco

We’ve now taken away the excuse of ‘I didn’t know where to find it’, as the latest documents and templates are now provided in the place they work.

Lauren Robertson
Creative Marketing & Brand Director, Condeco

We use our email signatures to push out marketing campaigns to customers and contacts. Updating them used to be a time-consuming manual task with inconsistent results. The new process is really quick and easy, and we can manage our email signatures and campaigns remotely

Jessica David
Marketing Executive, Condeco

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