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How ERM strengthens brand reputation with Templafy

Enhanced brand value

Reduction in creative requests

Significant productivity gains

ERM is the world’s largest sustainability advisory firm.

Its diverse global team helps the world’s leading organizations meet today’s sustainability imperatives, through establishing clear goals, tracking progress, and bringing strategies to life through business transformation.

In 2023, ERM embarked on its first rebrand since its brand was established 41 years ago. The rebranding drew inspiration from ERM’s rich heritage and emphasized the crucial role of nature in its future, capturing the importance of economic and societal transformation.

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Location: 40+ worldwide
  • Employees: 8000+
The challenge

Embarking on a rebranding journey is no small task for any global enterprise. Guiding every employee to seamlessly embrace the new brand from day one is a nuanced challenge that demands careful navigation.

For ERM, the priority was to centralize content distribution and templating. In practice, this meant moving away from silo-mentality workflows, the use of multiple (and often regional) templates, and the inefficient use of SharePoint for centrally storing brand assets. 

If we didn't have Templafy, there is no way we could have got all of our 8000 employees to adopt our new templates and showcase our new identity to our clients.

Sarah Middleton
Sarah Middleton
Marketing Director - Brand Integration
The solution

Enabling brand protection

From a business perspective, creating accurate and brand-approved client presentations that meet our quality standards is crucial. Templafy gives us that reassurance.

Bruce Stoddart
Communications Manager - Design

Q&A with Sarah Middleton and Bruce Stoddart

Before and after Templafy: Sarah and Bruce share their insights.

Being able to pull templates and marketing assets together in one central point was a game changer. Not only did it make the document creation process more efficient, but it also provided an additional level of brand guardianship and quality control.

And from an end-user perspective it was ideal. Having access to approved icons and imagery within every document and presentation was a huge plus.

It was a huge factor. From a speed perspective, it meant that we could get the ball rolling in days, which played a big part in progressing with its implementation.

On the IT front, when seeking project board approval for the technical aspects, the fact that it was already there and had been through the accreditation process meant that most of the checks that needed to be done had already been completed.

It was so fast. That’s the big thing. Before we implemented Templafy on every employee desktop, we put a huge amount of emphasis on the educational aspects and making sure we understood how the user experience would be.

Templafy really helped by providing a suite of resources to get started, which we housed on our intranet page. This was continually updated, and Templafy was quick to answer any questions we had, which reassured everyone internally that the right support was there when needed.

It’s been overwhelmingly positive, and everyone really likes it. We did three drop-in sessions across each of our regions, and everyone was really enthusiastic about Templafy and how it can help them in their day-to-day work.

What particularly resonated was the ease of accessing approved imagery and other assets without having to leave their document or presentation. The facts speak for themselves, and thousands of our employees across the business are using approved templates and marketing assets every day.

The productivity of our people is key. Our consultants have billable targets, which means they’re focused on delivering client work. If we can make this easier for them, as a business it shows that our infrastructure is working harder and more efficiently.

From a brand perspective, the overall impression of us as a brand is conveyed in our reports. We deal in reputation, and these reports help make sure that companies are meeting their sustainability obligations. It’s an important sale, so having a quality brand that produces quality reports is an essential aspect of our overall strategy.

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