Customer case: Material+

Streamlining global sales enablement

  • Industry: Market research
  • Locations: 13+ worldwide
  • Number of employees: 2000+
About Material+

Building on success 

In 2019, Templafy helped LRW implement its first templated Sales Enablement Library and Proposal Creation Tool, providing its teams with a fast and efficient way to put together sales proposals.

By 2022, LRW transformed to Material+, integrating several insights and action-oriented organizations. This required the development of a single, company-wide master brand template, aimed at providing a defined starting point for teams creating documents.

With Templafy, Material+ was able to: seamlessly transition 100+ documents and 300+ case studies to the new template, integrate new material, and deploy the updates internally.

The fastest that I probably could have given my client a well thought out PowerPoint presentation was at least five days. And it’s probably cut in half now that we have Templafy.

Alex Steging
VP/GM, Insights

We needed a solution that could help us organize our materials easily with search functionality. We are professional PowerPoint users, so we needed a solution that was going to work well with our PowerPoint templates. And we quickly realized that Templafy was that solution.

Lori Collins-Jarvis
VP of Sales Enablement ​
The solution

Harnessing the power of one centralized library

When I started at Material+ I was introduced to Templafy as our tool to help pull together the most up-to-date proposal inputs. It made my ability to hit the ground running to develop new business exponentially easier.

Kate Zilla-Ba
VP, Insights

What may have taken a designer five to six hours is now a 30-minute job. It’s something that can be done quickly, without losing quality.

Marcus Lee
SVP, Design

We all know super-smart content presented in a sloppy way just doesn’t come across nearly as well as super-smart presented crisply, nicely, with a cohesive brand. It’s about going out there with the right face to our clients.

Kim Rory
Senior VP, General Manager

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