Document management made easy

With Templafy, document management becomes a whole lot easier. Templafy automatically updates your document templates with the correct company data and visual assets, making it effortless for employees to follow branding guidelines and stay compliant. Available on all Microsoft Office platforms and devices, Templafy is a document management software (DMS) that ensures templates are accessible in an instant – anytime, anywhere.

Templates and brand identity

The common scenario is you have already put quite some effort into designing various kinds of document templates aligned with your branding strategy to make everyone look good and stay on-brand. However, your staff continues to tinker around with them, dragging and dropping snippets of non-compliant information into their self-styled presentations and documents.

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With Templafy, users can work how they want, online or directly through their office suite, without the need to change habits or learn new skills. With Templafy, all your company’s digital assets are maintained in one place, but accessible wherever your users need them. Templafy keeps all your document templates current with the latest company logo, legal information and visual assets.

In order to help keep your brand identity consistent and minimize misuse, Templafy automatically alerts employees when company documents contain outdated visual assets and incorrect information that needs to be updated. With Templafy’s document management solution, retaining control over your company’s brand identity becomes an easy task.

Templates and company data

Templafy automatically pre-fills your document templates with relevant company data such as contact details, disclaimers and other legal information and makes sure your company´s visual assets are properly handled.

Whenever company data is changed or revised, Templafy automatically notifies admins to apply the updates to all corresponding documents, so employees don’t have to build new templates from scratch.

Accessible 24/7 – templates for all platforms and devices

With Templafy, document management becomes easy and intuitive. Our solution is compatible with all Office platforms and available on any of your preferred devices, making sure your document templates are accessible anytime, anywhere. A document management program made for the user.

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