Align your workforce with dynamic document templates

Automatically tailor every document template to the specific requirements of each employee

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Ensuring document templates are up-to-date company-wide is challenging and time-consuming

With Templafy With Templafy

Templates are managed centrally, so changes to templates only need to be made once


Today Today

Scattered document creation processes and disconnected data sources impact on team productivity

With Templafy With Templafy

Seamlessly integrate your existing tools, so your entire document generation workflow happens in one place

Simple and efficient template automation

Seamless system for enhanced workflows

Deploy AI company-wide

Templafy allow us to pull the metadata into a single repository, which enables us to control the metadata and report on it. We had complete blind spots with the way that the old template system used to work. Very, very problematic for our colleagues.

Graeme Bland
Graeme Bland 
Head of IT for productivity & project applications

Now, Sales create top-notch presentations that are perfectly in line with company standards within a fraction of the time.

Patrick Bloem
Brand Compliance Manager, Milestone Systems

An in-depth look at template management and how it can benefit organizations

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